It WAS Squirrels!

Well, after extensive questioning last night, we got our answer.

Minnie claimed that yesterday she spent most of the day looking out the window, making sure burglars and psycho killers weren’t coming into the house.

minnie destruction 002

Trixie maintained her complete innocence. 

“Mom, it wasn’t ME!!”

minnie destruction 001 

So I looked at the pictures again…and I saw something fishy…do you see it?

minnie destruction 003It’s a squirrel!

minnie destruction 004  It was in the bedroom pictures too!

minnie destruction 005 

So in the interest of fairness, I had to removing the “you’re grounded for life” and reduce it to “you’re grounded for a week for letting the squirrels in the house”. 

Two pillows, a magazine and a book gave their lives during the Great Squirrel Massacre.  Thank goodness no one else was injured.

We have put extensive squirrel traps around the house in hopes this won’t happen again. 

I have my doubts.


Dolores said…
Yep, the squirrels made her do it...or..... the squirrels did it!
I bet you're still picking up white stuff.
houndstooth said…
I knew it! I knew it was squirrels! Those pesky tree rats are such rabble rousers. You really can't trust them. If there are any nuts in your house, I'd throw them out now, they just attract more of the little devils!

Those tree rats cause more trouble
Benny & Lily
Breezy said…
I just knew it was squirrels!!
GRRRRRR, I don't like squirrels!

Your pal, Pip
Wyatt said…
That figures! You know, those squirrels are no good!

Squirrels are so destructive! Now you must locate their means of entry. Good luck with that!
We knew it wasn't you! Look at that innocent face! Stoopid squirrels!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Squirrels??!! I could tell tales too...
Mack said…
That squirrel needs a spankin' for what he made you do!
3 doxies said…
I knews all along it was da squirrels...never underestimate them little boogers. I am just glad dat nobuddy was injured in da ordeal.

just call me jo said…
How unfair of you not to think of the squirrels before blaming your own fur children! You were right to apologize (and to have your doubts.) Damn squirrels!
I think it's the same squirrel that killed Melvin the Chicken but I thought he was in the slammer. Prison break!!
Kristin G. said…
My Zoe is a squirrel stalker. She got two squirrel stuffs for Christmas, and beats up on them routinely. They're trouble makers for sure!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Last fall the squirrels tore up a custom-made outdoor chaise lounge pad (and I saw remnants of it hanging from a pecan tree a few days ago), but I have to confess that they've never made it indoors...thank God!
The Thuglets said…
Eveyrone keeps talking baout squirrels..we haven't actually ever seen one! duh

Anyway glad you got to the bottom of the mystery!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

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