It’s All Lies! Lies, I Tell You!!

blondes have more fun

Doors open for blondes.  Traffic stops for blondes. Men adore you and do more for you.


Since my teenage years, when my towhead blonde faded to mousy blonde, I have been bleaching my hair.  By all rights, it should resemble a Brillo pad for all the chemicals it’s seen.  And no way, no how, has being blonde made men fall at my feet! 

Of course, I don’t act helpless, I don’t purse my lips like I find someone fascinating, and I don’t stand on street corners.  Maybe THAT is the problem.


1. Bleach hair.  2.  Act helpless  3. Stand around with funny looks on your face.  4. Grab men’s sweaters and pull them toward you. 

I’ll let you know how it works out. 

“Excuse me sir, my tire seems to be flat….”

PS:  Please click on Lexi’s picture and donate for her operation if you can.  Her surgery is time sensitive.  The more she grows, the more chance she will die.


Yes, PLEASE let us know how this works out!! :-) In our house the blondes are definitely having more fun than the red-haired boys because they ALL have to be on a leash and the girls don't! :-))))
3 doxies said… mum has blonde hairs too and hers says it is all lies!!!!!!
I's gonna gives hers dis list and let ya knows how it works.

houndstooth said…
Hmmm... Being brunette hasn't helped me with this situation any! I really hope there's a video of you doing this experiment, though, because I'd really like to watch it!

Ha ha! And my captcha is "hairbi"!
Golden Samantha said…
Hubby is sooooooo happy every eve (when two golden haired ladies greet him at the door) that he brags about it hah! As always, love your ads! (bottle blonding never helped moi either, so now I've let the gray all hang out!)
Sammie, Avalon and Oz (and Mom!)
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I was blonde as a kid too, so when my hair started getting darker in the 8th grade, I locked myself in the bathroom and put peroxide on it...LOL My parents put a stop to the hair coloring for a while, but it's been every shade of blonde imaginable since I married and left home back in 1967. Now I just keep it blonde to cover up the white.

I don't know if being blonde helped me with guys or not. I didn't know how to flirt or be coy, so I used the direct approach rather than waiting for hair and eyelashes to do the trick. :)
i am cream color
do you know how much fun i have?
Mack said…
It IS true black & whites have more fun!!
Dolores said…
Mine comes from a bottle too, but I do it for me, not men.
Jim said…
Barbara, pull yourself together girl! Don't 'fall' for that ad!

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