It’s Not Just Gay, It’s Gaytop Gay!


Hot damn, it’s time to gay up the house!

You too, can do it yourself, unless, of course, you’re a woman.  As shown in the illustration, women can only watch while a man in a tie does the dirty work. Ignore the happy man in the photo.  He got paid to be there.

Is it snowing in their house, or is the hubby sweating profusely?  I just can’t tell. Not that the wife would notice, what with having no nose and all…well, neither would he.  It appears a tragic double nose amputation happened prior to install.

Behold Gaytop…it’s gay and resilient, easy to clean, good to look at and quiet to work on. Available in gay colors like fuchsia, tangerine and leather bar, this new laminate comes with it’s own glue, which is a party in itself.

Make your home Gaytop gay!!

WARNING: Do NOT Google “gaytop laminate”.  Just don’t, okay?

personal note:  The doctor’s office called and I have to be there at 7:30 a.m.  Is this cruelty or what?  I’m not even scheduled for the op until 9 a.m.  My mother is not amused.  Do they know how much I’m going to hear about this?  I think not.


Dolores said…
Having any procedure done is ....... get there early and WAIT! UGh!!!
I'll be thinking and shooting up prayers for you (and your mother)....
Hope it all goes well. Sending you a big two thumbs up!
houndstooth said…
Well, heck, a project where the man does all the work doesn't sound that bad to me!

I'm sorry! Hopefully that means you'll get done early, though! We're sending good thoughts your way!
Charlie said…
Good luck with the op - get your mom some Gaytop & maybe she'll forgive you!
Mack said…
GOOD LUCK !!! We will be thinking about you Miss Barbara!

And my mom really wanted to google gaytop laminate - but I wouldn't let her!

fromsophiesview said…
Thumbs UP...oops other words...break a leg/good luck/ATB!
So many reasons why gaytop is so funny and so lame, eh!
Suzy Myers said…
Best of luck on your surgery.

Jim said…
I'll see what we can do to 'redo' our house!
Good luck today....hope it all went well Barbara.
Anonymous said…
Sending you lots of love. Good luck and you're right that is early!!
3 doxies said…
What happened to my comment????

did the bubbles help you?

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