It’s a Tooooomer!

Just got odd news from the doctor…the cyst they removed while fixing my thumb wasn’t a cyst…it was a tumor!

Thankfully benign, it’s called a neurofibroma.  Guess they’re fairly common.  Only a 10% chance of it being malignant to begin with.

So, the odd cyst I’ve had for over 10 years wasn’t. How weird!  I have the urge to yell “I am not an animal!!!”, but I’m not quite that dramatic.

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Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Glad the surgery is over and everything turned out fine.
We don't know whether to offer to kiss it or lick it to make it well. A tumor is a little bit more than we usually deal with in that way. The humans say that the best way to deal with a problem like that is to soak your hand in some very good wine, soak it from the inside out. Not from the outside in....

Mogley G. Retriever
houndstooth said…
I'm glad you got it out before you found out! Now you don't have to stress and worry about it, but sheesh! Ten years!
Barbara said…
Dana: It is, thank goodness!

Mogley: I'll take kisses, licks and I will soak myself from the inside with wine!

Houndstooth: Yep, and three doctors telling me it was a cyst and not to worry about it! Glad I didn't worry about it!
Wyatt said…
That is good news. Now, back to blogging, Yay!!

i am glad you did not worry too, and glad your healing fine,, and are okay!
Mack said…
Glad you are doing better!!
just call me jo said…
I agree that toooomers sound more serious than cysts...(and it's not as funny when A'nold says "It's not a cyysst." So glad whatever the bump was was benign. Forge on with vigor.
A cyst tooomer in yer hand? How strange the human body can be!

So happy all is well! Whew!
Nadia said…
Good news! That must have been scary.
3 doxies said…
Well could has been on dat show...Eaten Alive or whatevers it's called. I'm glad is was benign and you is all okays.
Drink some beers and you'll furget all bout it.

Breezy said…
Yeah for the good news!!!
fromsophiesview said…
Cyst>< kinda stuff is so ewh! Take care of yourself girl!

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