Just Two Guys, Sweatin’ it Off

trim jeans

Nothing to see here.


Just two guys playing chess.

In inflatable pants.

Their love was…well, different.  They never spoke, never rode the bus together…they only met to wear inflatable pants and play chess.  Harvey never even mentioned that Gary was wearing sandals with socks.  This, of course, is because Gary never mentioned that Harvey also posed in the “How to Wear Inflatable Pants” magazine without talking to him first.

how pants work

There’s just something not right about that middle picture.  And seriously…who blows up these pants once you have them on?  I guess there are some questions where there are no answers.

Still, they play chess into the night.  And the nights are usually long.  Very, very long.


Dolores said…
Hey.... the nights would be very LONG with blow up pants.... how about miserable!
Wyatt said…
They should have just got some of those spanx! MAN GIRDLES! :)

Oh my goodness, hilarious
Benny & Lily
BOL! Thanks for the smile.

Your pal, Pip
Blow up pants,,, whats the purpose?
Yeah, it's a whole illicit subculture.
Our mom just spit coffee all over the place! You are too funny!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Anonymous said…
Haha, that's too funny! I have actually heard about these before...crazy. I'm like you...who blows these things up once you've got them on??

Elyse (and Riley)
fromsophiesview said…
Just imagine if they played poker...the money that could be won or NOT!
Alien said…
Hmm. I didn't realize Earthling Men wore those to play chess. I must find a pair, as I am in search of a queen.

The Thuglets said…
Where did you find this! LOL

What were they supposed to do? The mind boggles!

You made us start the day with a smile!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

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