Since my recipes weren’t very popular, I’m posting a video of Minnie watching a dog on the computer.


Ha! that was pretty good. Stumpy ignores dogs/animals on TV and the computer. But when Alf, the feral dog we rehomed, wouldn't come in at night I used to play a howling dog video from YouTube. Wild horses couldn't have kept him out!

Naps, snacks and walkies, FUREVER!
Stumpy and her bean
houndstooth said…
Tee hee! Minnie, you should have seen Morgan watching Dad's computer while he watched a training video the other day. We're not sure Dad has to bother with training her now!

Jeez, EVERYBODY watches YouTube!
Anonymous said…
Riley watches TV and YouTube videos too. And barks at them. She's finally gotten to where I can watch Animal Planet in peace. If, on a TV show, they're in a shelter where there's a lot of dogs barking she will still bark at all the other dogs.

I was watching the Dog Whisperer last night and she was intently watching it as well. Sometimes she'll jump off the couch and put her nose up to the TV and try to sniff the dogs' butts.

Elyse and Riley
Dolores said…
I love it!!!! She's very smart to recognize another dog..... loved the video!
Jim said…
Minnie is such a smart puppy! Good doggie!
Unknown said…
That was too cute!!! Thanks fur da chuckle this evening!
happileah said…
haha! I wonder what they're saying?!
Minnie do you watch TV too? Cute!
Benny & Lily
I am watching you Minnie
I am sitting in the corner,,
can you see me?

Tried to get my cat interested in other cats on youtube...

His reaction?

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol...
Anonymous said…
To funny Minnie... Who says pets don't watch tv
Nancy K. said…
I hat a Rottie that would sit and watch TV for hours! He loved football and boxing as well as anything with any kind of animal in it. The big problem was that he'd get slobber all over the TV screen!

Anonymous said…
BOL! Oh you are too funny! :D

Waggin at ya,
Carol said…
While I was watching your video, Austin our dog started to stare at the computer. Giggle all the way. Pets always get great reviews.
fromsophiesview said…
Recipes><Dogs...aah...DOgs win...that's from a canine point of view...really! Sorry sweetie Peetie! ANYHOO...Happy New Year and 2011 is gonna be great...I predict it!
How Sam Sees It said…
Mom is behind reading dog blogs and doesn't know anything about the recipes, but she does like the dog video!

3 doxies said…
Ha...you should haves seen my sissy's reaction to Minnie...hehehe!
Hey is dat beer in da corner? Can I has one?


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