Skateboarding Dogs

I really hate it when dogs can skateboard better than I can. 


Jan said…
Dogs are far better equipped for skateboarding than humans.
houndstooth said…
Ha ha! I'll stick to rollerblades, thanks! No way am I exposing myself to being bested by dogs!
I cannot see your video,, but I can tell you, that I know how to build snowmen!
The Thuglets said…
They wore us out just watchin!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
What fun these doggies are havin'! We want skateboards too!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Ha ha!!!!!

I can't skateboard at all! Having 4 legs helps!
Anonymous said…
Dang they are good! I've never tried but Mom says when she tried just sittin and paddlin with her hands she wrecked so...

Thinkin we'll stick to our paws ;)

Happy New Year!
I loved this video, but there's no way I'm getting on anything with wheels, because the next set of wheels I'd be riding on would be those of an ambulance! :-)
Those bosties need some baggie, falling down pants and sketchers! CUTE!!!
Mack said…
Oh my Dog! I knew English Bullies could skate, but BT'S?!!!!??
I am so proud! Thanks for sharing!
Dolores said…
Our Casey is so fat....she's break the skateboard...
Cute video
where are their helmets?
Benny & Lily
Vanessa said…
These frenchies are adorable. They can definitely out-skateboard me. Cute blog, love the fun mod design :)

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