A Warm Welcoming

I came home to this.

minnie destruction 002








minnie destruction 001

Let’s just say I’m not pleased.


Anonymous said…
ooopppssie C&L ate one of my comforters that was only 2 days old... Sorry about the mess, but your pup looks to be sorry!
just call me jo said…
Oh, glory! Something would be warm, for sure, when I got through...yikes!
Anonymous said…
Oh Lord! The worst thing I ever came home to was Riley had managed to turn the water on in the bathtub and she filled it to the very brim. I happened to come home right before it overflowed! Whew! She also had destroyed a bath puff and gotten a whole bag of treats off of the counter...of course, she was only about 6 months old at the time. Looks like your dogs have been a wee bit naughty...!

Elyse (and Riley)
Good thing you're an animal LOVER!
Barbara said…
Oh, it wasn't "the dogs", it was THAT dog!
Unknown said…

What was 'It' before it turned into a bunch of white fluff?? your bed comforter or pillow???
Looks like somebody is in the doghouse for sure! Sorry about the mess, although I hardly noticed it at first because I was too busy looking at all your mcm candy.
How Sam Sees It said…
...but they really, really missed you!


Jan said…
Without an eye witness or forensics, the evidence is purely circumstantial.
houndstooth said…
Those must have been some massive squirrels that broke into your house! Good thing your dogs scared them off!

It really bites when you throw a party, without permission, and things get out of contol. I hope the clean up was easy and the destroyed article didn't have sentimental attachments.
Breezy said…
Remember the evidence against them is just circumstantial! :)
Levi said…
ohhhh no! That's why mommy and daddy have to put me in the crate when dey leave!
Make sure you have proof before blame- innocent until proven guilty BOL!
UH OH! Somebody is in big trouble!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
3 doxies said…
I'm goin' with da squirrel theory too...them some little boogers. And as always...innocent until PROVEN quilty.
I'm sure my mum would loves to tell you bout da time hers came home and saw all da Christmas presents opened, da ornaments off da tree, and blankies pulled from another room (all dis occured at da same time)...it WAS them dam squirrels, I just can't rove it though.

Dolores said…
I must apologize for have a smile on my face....very happy this didn't happen at my house.

Looks to me like a party took place while you were away. Have you calmed down yet???

Jim said…
This is where that 'sense of humour' you have comes in very handy!! Ouch!
Eartha Kitsch said…
Oh no! At first I thought that the couch had been attacked again but it looks like it's something else...a comforter? Pillows? What on Earth?

I'm so, so sorry! Is there somewhere that we can both send our kids to - like a reform school maybe? - until they've grown up?
It is a clear case of a home invasion by a pack of maurauding squirrels. One squirrel distracts the resident watch dog while the other squrrels wreck the home. Luckily it looks like your resident watch dog chased them off before they could do any major damage. Give her a big treat and a thank you for protecting the home from more damage!

Mogley G. Retriever
Tucker said…
BOL I loves these posts! These always make me look like an angel cause I'm pretty good now about not destroying things.

woof - Tucker
i think this could be called " Home Alone"
The Thuglets said…
OMD! thank goodness "the intruders & vandals" did not harm your gorgous Trixie! phew

Love the bed photo!LOL

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

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