Celebrate Stubby with Sweater Day!!


I used a sweatshirt - hope I'm not ostracized for it... I did keep the heat dwon as a result! :)
Katy said…
It's 70 degrees today in SC so no need for a sweater! yay!
And thanks for the comment -- it's nice to meet other women who like tools as much as I do, but don't necessarily wear their hair in a mullet. :/
Hell, we were green all winter--we fired up the heater ONE TIME and just bundled up and wore several layers of clothes to bed. Holly spent most of the time in her little red sweater, too--Boogie the big dog LOVES the cold so no problem there. We have propane and it's so darn expensive that we decided a hot shower was better than heating up the whole house. I THINK the cold is behind us down here in so. Mississippi so now we have the freakin' horrible Spring torrential rains and then (oh joy) hurricane season starts June 1. Thanks for the card, Babs--it arrived yesterday when I was feeling very very very low, so it helped immensely!
Yea for sweater day!
Benny & Lily
yeaaaaaaaaaaa sweet Barbara for helping us celebrate sweater day and honor Stubby

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