Stitches out, healing fine!

It's almost like it didn't happen...


Anonymous said…
Hey, it looks good!!

Elyse and Riley
Dolores said…
Are you sure it really happened.... can't see any sign of surgery.
Glad its healed so nicely!
Anonymous said…
Wow it looks great...can't even tell
I always hope for at least a visible scar so I can make up some great adventure to go along with it! You've been cheated!
Wow! What surgery!!??

Whew, glad that boo-boo is all better!! =D
Isn't it amazing how the body can heal itself?
jen said…
I can hardly tell! Glad you healed up nice:)
3 doxies said…
Well dang, it does look good and what a shame you ain't gonna haves a scar. Everybuddy needs a badge of courage.

Wow, no more swelling. Looking good, girl!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
You really can hardly tell where the incision was! Great news!
houndstooth said…
It looks great! I'm so glad for you!
Happy Days! Your brand new!!
we love you
donnam said…
I'm so happy to see your hand is doing so well!

Miss you!!!!

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