It’s All A Lie


Here’s Frank, Jerry and Bobby, just three guys hanging out at the beach. 

Jerry is a little confused…he brought a skateboard.  Bobby said “bring your woody” and Jerry…well, Frank will straighten him out later.

Bobby is modeling the newest in bathing suits for men with no belly buttons.  How he made it past the censors with that chest hair is a question to be asked. 

Frank is modeling the “it’s almost too tight, but it makes me look big” suit.  He’s working on his muscles. 

Jerry is just a bit too amused at Bobby, but since they were posing on Fire Island, I guess it’s okay.

They’ve all joined the Jantzen International Sports Club.  Too bad there are no girls in the club. 

No one would ever guess that these men were really something in the day.  That’s Frank Gifford (football) on the left, Jerry West (basketball) in the middle and Bobby Hull (hockey) on the right.  Some athletic bodies, eh?


Frank married Kathy Lee. OBVIOUSLY due to a major concussion sometime in his career, which also may explain why he agreed to do this ad. BTW, you notice there are no baseball players. That's because back then THEY were all fat and out of shape!
houndstooth said…
*snicker* Yeah, total hardbodies! Well, that no belly button look is sure to come back any day now!
Bobby Hull was a wife beater. Don't know about the others.
This must be a new advertisement. The real old ones not only did not show belly buttons, they did not show knees either.

Mogley G. Retriever
3 doxies said…
Bwhahahaha...oMD, I knows Frank but not da others.
I seriously needs a beer afters seein' dis....OMD, I see their knees...and their belly buttons!

Mack said…
Oh man, I need to get me some britches like that!
Jim said…
You're pulling my leg!! Those guys weren't on Fire Island! Funny thing, that bathing suit on Frank looked very familiar!!!And mine was a Jantzen too!!!! Who would have thunk?!
no belly buttons" everyone has a belly button- even me
jim, bigged you up,
so I came over for a giggle.....and had one......
hello from a welsh, ( terrier) keeper and smallholder from Trelawnyd!
The Thuglets said…
Lean and mean? LOL

Enought to put you off your dinner!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

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