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hair dryer

When I was a kid, I thought this was the ultimate in luxury.  Nothing to do all day but sit around drying your hair. 

This ad takes it to a whole new level.  Designer clothing, lounge furniture and a phone.  I guess they couldn’t put a martini there because blue-hairs were buying dryers too. 

Imagine the room that took up in your house!  My mom had one that sat on the counter and folded up when you weren’t using it.  It wasn’t relaxing though, because she’d always come and poke my head and say “okay, you’re done.”  People with fine hair have no luxury dryer time.  Too long under and we look like poodles (not saying poodles aren’t nice…).

This one has “zephyr-like air” that is so soft, you don’t have to cover your ears or neck from burning air or wear a hair net.  Well, thank God for that, cuz that just ruins the moment, now doesn’t it?

AND it doesn’t “change the color of bleached or tinted hair”.  I didn’t even know hair dryers had that power!  It also has wheels and “fits into any decor” (that’s kinda questionable, isn’t it?  I mean, would it fit at Hef’s house?  I think not.)…Sally here has it in her yard!

Ah, the luxury items of the mid-century, when women had time to primp and polish.  Well, maybe they didn’t, but let me have my fantasy.

I’m off to a three-day weekend of hanging twinkly lights, planting, cleaning, running a thousand errands and all the things single girls have to do, including running the mother around. 

You all can pitch in and send that dryer to arrive on Tuesday, okay?  I’ll need it by then.

Happy weekend everyone!

CindyLuWho Oh, I almost forgot!!  Cindy Lou’s Muse (ain’t she adorable?) gave me an award!  She said my blog was the coolest place to see!  I’m so happy she likes it!!  She gave me this:

versitleThank you so much for the award!  I haven’t got one in a long, long time, and I so appreciate it!!


Lets see, how about combining the hair dryer with the head sucking machine you had on the blog a few days ago? Then even if you did not grow hair, you would have a dry, warm head.

Or perhaps if you had one of the modern spike hairdoos, you can put hot dogs on the spikes, and roast them while you dry your hair. Get ready for your date and cook dinner at the same time.

The possibilities are endless.

Mogley G. Retriever
Oh my grandmother still has one of these. I picked one up at an antique mall back before the holidays, they were having a huge sale in the booth and it was so cheap it was almost like they were paying me to take it...well was super cheap. I would probably have left it behind but it was pink and...well it was pink. I had grand plans of setting my hair and sitting under it with a good book. I have yet to do this. Mine is the kind that fold up but it is still pretty big and bulky and takes up a lot of room in my craft closet (where I stuck it to hide from my hubbie). mom and aunt had one too...moms was the bonnet that blew up like a balloon and burned the heck out of your hair but it deflated and fit in a small aunt's was one you fitted to your hand held hair dryer and then you still had to hold the dryer...that made no sense to me. Most of the time, I just go to bed with wet hair...LOL.

Dana@Mid2Mod said…
OMG...I had one just like that and hadn't thought about it in decades! How funny...those big brush rollers with the pink picks and lots of Dippity-Do.
houndstooth said…
Oh wow! The memories! My mom had one of those and I loved sitting in the chair and pretending I was on a rocket to outer space!
Our mom so remembers those hair dryers! She says it was the best time to read a book because you couldn't hear a darn thing going on!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Dolores said…
Congratulations on the award..... you certainly deserve it!!!

I had one of the silly blow up type hair dryers many moons ago, but I only used it a few times. I don't like to sit still that long.
Hope you have a good weekend!!!!!
Things are better in our house (today and yesterday)...YEA!
Lidian said…
I really want to know where you're supposed to plug the hairdryer in, out there in the Great Outdoors!
Congratulations Barbara on your new award. It is awsome- just like you. And your new little friend Cindy Lou Muse is adorable.
love to you sweet Barbara,, and I think your cool too
Mack said…
Congrats on your award - You so deserve it!
And I am sooo glad my furrs are wash-n-wear!
Happy Sunday,

P(ee)S: I saw mom looking at a recipe called PB & banana dog biscuits! Things are lookin up!!
The Thuglets said…
Congratulations on your award. Well deserved!

They don't mention like sitting in a hot very noisy wind tunnel?

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

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