The Smartest Mother of 1954


Maryellen was the smartest mother on the block.

Under the guise of “learning”, she trained her kids how to clean the house while she pointed at the dirt.

Sure, the vacuum is way too big for little Bridgette, but who cares?  Mom can sit and laugh while the poor girl struggles with the hose.  Training for adulthood, if you get my drift. 

Robbie, on the other hand, is learning to be a very critical husband, what with the attention to detail he’s giving that floor. “Why, when I was a boy, I could polish those floors until they sparkled!!  Why can’t you, wife?”  (of course, we could go in the other direction, but that’s so stereotypical…)

Dad just stays at he office and sends roses home.  He knows better than to come home while it’s light out…he’s got window duty.

Ah, the smartest woman of 1954.  Thank you General Electric!  You’ve made life easier in so many ways.

Now, she just needs a dishwasher…hey, Uncle Ted…


Ahhh nothing like child slavery! =D
Unknown said…
Walt Disney did a show about that time predicting cars that drove themselves and sidewalks that moved...They do have moving walkways in airports.
Dolores said…
Oh my gosh, I unfortunately remember having a floor polisher..... I used it twice.... it was awful... it bounced me all over the place and didn't polish my floors.
houndstooth said…
I'm all for it! Crack that whip and keep those kids earning their room and board!
Oooo, pedal pushers! I had some when I was a kid in the mid-60s. They tried to train me in housework too, but it didn't take.
get that kid working, BOL
Benny & Lily
24 Paws of Love said…
Bout time the little snot chipped in with the family chores!!
The Thuglets said…
She sure got them trained young!

She most have got tired watching em!

Big Nose Pokes
Yhe Thugletsx
3 doxies said…
I think her needs a drink in one hand and a bag of Cheetoes in da other.

So going in the stereotypical direction we would say that Robbie is practicing something else by being in that position? Because you know MY mind always goes there. Mom paid us a nickel per shirt to iron Dad's huge number of dress shirts but all that did was make me hate ironing AND nickels.
Mack said…
Is Robbie's head stuck to the coffee table????
I am laughing hysterically!!!!!
fromsophiesview said…
Maybe Mumsy has has no knees and can't bend dem legs...ever thought of that!

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