Subliminal? I Think Not

Wonder why men bought Fiat's?

Maybe it was the large gearshift.  Men dream of large gearshifts.  Small car, large gearshift, if you know what I mean.

Women were attracted to the Fiat for the same reason.  Women love a large gearshift.

I'm feeling all tingly, but I can't figure out why. 

Subliminal ads.  They're my favorite!


Wrong! Men bought Fiats because they all think they are great mechanics. The name Fiat comes from the often used phrase uttered at any auto repair facility, "Fix it again, Tony".

Besides, for us dogs, Fiats are tiny and slow, perfect for chasing!

Mogley G. Retriever
Oh my... That is SOME knob, there lol...

Hmmm but I'm not feeling the 'fiat vibe', big crank and all heh heh...
houndstooth said…
Ha ha ha! I bet it's the same reason all those people were smoking Camel cigarettes, too!

But does the engine purr?
Alien said…
Hmm. That is a nice car.

Mack said…
Chiks dig the large gearshifts!

Hey guess what!!?? My mom got the mixer yesterday!! It is so cool! Homemade cookies here we come!
Thanks again!!!!!!
Dolores said…
Oh my, I'm tingly just reading about a Fiat and the gear shift...
MoonDoggie said…
LOL @ 1950s Atomic Ranch

This post made me chuckle. Not the most subtle of advertising, is it?
Eartha Kitsch said…
Um, you're hilarious. And that was definitely the first thing that I thought of when I saw that ad.

Um some word verification to comment is "comeseeds".

What is this world coming to?

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