Thank God for Silverware


Meet Anne.

She’s about to murder her husband, the inconsiderate bastard.

Just because she agreed to the swapping party doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to dress up for it.

Smile sweetly honey, but give him the stink-eye.

Thank God for Oneida silverware…the eating utensils that show she’s elegant, has the taste of a Vanderbilt and always makes a good showing no matter what kind of party she has. Oneida makes “a girl look good in any situation”.  Whew. 

Because once dinner is over, those Oneida knives will be put to good use. 

Call me, Anna. I’ll help you bury the body.


Dolores said…
Oh Barbara... you're so cute!!!
Oneida is my silver. I've always laughed and said... if a burglar hit our house, he'd be so sad.... all we have is Oneida.
Levi said…
HAHAHA- Mom thinks this is super funny! Guess she'll have to go get some Oneida!

And in response to you- unfortunately it isn't just a store policy. We don't have any of the daycares of boarding near us. It's for only the daycares and boarding and posted on their website. It wasn't anything they told us in the store. I have been in the store and they have no problem wit me and Emmett is a Pit and has his nails cut there. It's just on their daycare and boarding but is ridiculous regardless.
Was just sharing/venting :)
Eartha Kitsch said…
God, seriously. That's the kind of thing that I'd be both passive aggressive AND aggressive about. I'd probably scream, "What do you think I'm running here? A diner?? Get out! All of you out!!" and then eat all of the food by myself.

I don't own anything even as nice as Oneida but when I was a kid, I got on this kick of sending off for free stuff. I got tons of worthless crap but Oneida sent me this massive, full color poster of some of their flatware surrounded by baby chicks. I thought that it was bad-ass and hung it in my room. Yep, I was lame but Oneida still brings it all back.
fromsophiesview said…
Lady Hamilton rocks my vintage world...check her out...the bitch!

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