What a Man Really Wants

1940s Schlitz Beer 1950s Vintage Advertising Illustration Men  Queer Campy Midcentury Advertisement 2

“I was cautious.”

“I tasted it”

“Now I know why…”

Yeah, it’s all about the beer, Rex.

And the women have no clue.


They are trying to get the ladies drunk on cheap beer, then they will bring out the good stuff for themselves. From the looks of the third photo, the ladies got disgusted as the boys drank more, they snuck off and the boys will have to drink alone. They will probably drink the whole case trying ot get over being ditched.

Mogley G. Retriever
Um, I think they did the ditching - they WERE curious, after all.
Unknown said…

After observing my Human I would say "never say the Ladies have no clue"!

Hawk aka BrownDog
houndstooth said…
*snicker* Of course nobody had a clue!
Being on the down low has a long, long history!
I don't have much experience with this subject.. But if you want to talk about doggie cookies,, just ask me
3 doxies said…
Well, I is a girl qand I do has a clue...BUDLIGHT!

Hey, I thought Shotz was the beer that made Milwaukee famous!
fromsophiesview said…
Yikes another 'double entendre' actually a double double entendre with the ladies disappearing!
bbes tribe said…
The guys are not so smart... tch tch saying the ladies have no clue. We can see why they are by themselves in the last picture.....
Jim said…
Things were simpler then.

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