Are You Fat? Smoke!


Are you sitting in front of your computer eating ice cream?  Candy?  A full meal? 


Everyone knows that when you’re tempted to put something in your pie-hole, you SHOULD be reaching for a Lucky!

It’s the finest cigarette you’ll ever smoke, because they “toast” their tobacco first – they smoke it before you do!!  It also has a super-secret heating process!  Heat purifies, which means all the bad things are GONE! 

Really!  20,679 physicians say that Lucky’s are less irritating to your throat, so if you cough a lot, it isn’t because of the Lucky!  You probably have TB or lung cancer, but hey, Lucky’s won’t hurt you!

AND you’ll stay thin so you’ll be able to run hurdles, or whatever it is you do all day.

So stop eating and start smoking!  It’s good for you!


3 doxies said…
I do declares, I thinks I need one of these while I drinks my beers AND eats my Cheetos. Are these better than cigars?

Dang, and dis is why I has missed you...hehehe! Did you relaize I had been gone furs a whole week? OMD, you didn't did you?

Pearl said…
Hey, anything named "Lucky" must be good for you, right?!

Dolores said…
Was that a 'real' commercial.... wow!

I'll take food any day.....I'm easy to please..... I'll take any food.
houndstooth said…
Bwaaaa ha ha! I was giggling and then I read the tags! All that toasting! *falls over in a helpless puddle of mirth*
If they're toasted I wonder how they taste with butter and jelly? :-)

Hope your week is off to a good start!!
laura linger said…
And all along, it was THAT easy, losing weight? Well, if DOCTORS say so, that's good enough for me! I'm lightin' up!
i think we could try deep frying them.
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I wish I had a nickel for every pound I've gained since I quit smoking. I might be able to afford a carton of cigarettes if I did! Can you believe what they cost now?
They should steam them instead. Steaming is much better, it locks in all the nutrients. It would be even healthier then! Heck, never mind the hurdles, you could win a whole decathlon!
Canadian Blend said…
I'm thinking the guy who wrote the ad copy was a little toasted.
Mack said…
Oh yeah! Cause smoking is so much better for your health! BOL!
MoonDoggie said…
Oh, those mid-centurians! :)

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