Assistance with Planting

I’d like to start some bare root berries and dwarf fruit trees.  I’m in Northern CA, don’t know how to read those damned zone maps.



I’d also like to try some raised beds.  Any ideas would be so welcome, with names of stuff to try, links, etc.


I also need to know how to build a gate and attach it to stucco on one side and a fence on the other…

french picket 7 

And anyone with experience who’d like to help me would be welcome too.  I’ll feed you if you come here, otherwise I’ll make you something wonderful.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes.  I get black days sometimes – too much responsibility gets me overwhelmed and down occasionally.  I’m hoping I can find an outlet in some gardening. 

Minnie was not a good dog today.

Thanks Blogsville, for having so many caring and diverse people to be friends with.  You have one in me.


just call me jo said…
I USED to think I knew how to garden. (lived in Idaho) Then we moved to Arizona and everything I touch or plant dies. I'm convinced now that I know NOTHING. So I bid you good luck but can be of NO help either physically or psychologically. I do admire your spunk. Spunk is good. My suggestion with gate and fence--hire it done. (if you want it to look presentable) Otherwise use special screws on the stucco (ask at Home Depot or Lowes) and good luck, friend.
Gardening soothes the soul, they say.
awww sorry you been feeling blue...

As for planting and stuff, google is best!
houndstooth said…
I'm guessing you're in zone 8, but it might be 9. I'd wait a little bit to plant bare root berries outside, but you could soak the roots in warm water and pot them inside for a few weeks until the temperatures outside at night are more stable. I read that using Kompost Kow or Michigan Peat was good to plant them in.

I love having a garden, but it is a lot of work! I do plant a vegetable garden, but what I really love is planting the flowers around the house. I think container gardens are pretty easy to manage, and I really think you have to just go with what catches your eye. I'll bet Wyatt has good ideas! He's close to you zone-wise and they do amazing things in their garden!

We all have down days! I sure understand that part!
fromsophiesview said…
Well, you picked a great pass time in get lost in it right away. I'm no help for N.Cal. zones, must have a look see as to what it is. Zone stuff isn't the gospel anyway. Look for a local gardening author...they are always the best and have the experience.
we love gardening and eating all the dirt
Benny & Lily
Garrison Keillor once compared writing to farming in a poem I can't find (of course) - My crop is prose, that I plant in rows... Both can be a tonic for a weary soul. To plant an idea that grows and nourishes others. Enjoy your garden and hope you have many bright days ahead.
Wyatt said…
Wish you lived closer...we would be over in a heartbeat!!

You can make a raised bed out of just about anything (not toxic), just put some good organic soil in there and make sure it is in full sun. Start now with some salad greens. Your garden centers will probably be selling plant starts, like tomatoes and cukes in a month or so!! Have fun :)
Do you have any CSA farms near? That is a great way to get fresh veggies. You pay for a share of produce and you can volunteer in the garden too!

Wyatt's Mom
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I empathize. Taking care of elderly or other family members with special needs can be grueling...physically and emotionally. Hang in there.
Dolores said…
You wouldn't want any of my advice from south Texas....

I'm going down your blog roll... and not sure what's taken place.... I'll keep reading...but sorry that I thought you just weren't posting for awhile.... UGH!

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