My Favorite Boy

Hi, Minnie here.  I wanted to show you a couple of pictures my mom took of me and Joshie.  Joshie comes and takes me for walks while mom is at work.  Trixie likes to get her alone time and I sure like to see the neighborhood.

josh 001

Today mom got to go with us and see how good I am at walking on a leash!  She was very impressed and proud.  Even though Joshie let her hold the leash, I wanted to walk next to him.  She was jealous!





Joshie makes me very happy, and he is my favorite boy. 

josh 002


Ah, you got one nice friend there.
Benny & Lily
Dolores said…
How great to have such a good friend!
Happy weekend!
We need to get you thinking in a better way. It is a well known fact that when two go for a walk together, the one in the lead is taking the other one for a walk.

You seem to have it backwards. SinceJoshie is behind you, then you are in charge. You are the leader and you are taking Joshie for a walk. I know, sometimes you have to pretend to let them take you, remember that it is the one with all four paws well planted that is the leader.

Mogley G. Retriever
fromsophiesview said…
Don't let that ol' jealousy enter the picture....Joshie looks like he knows what's are very fortunate!
DeanO said…
What a beautiful dog...thanks for the pictures.
Mack said…
Minnie, you are looking gorgeous as usual. What a great guy to take you for mid-day walkies!
Jim said…
One step at a time!
Minnie - what a friend you have!
So cool to have a "walker"
Kari in Alaska said…
How cool that you have a walker!

Eartha Kitsch said…
Yay, Minnie! He's cute too!
houndstooth said…
Minnie, you're a cutie! Just for the record, was your mom jealous because she wanted you to walk with her or because she wanted to walk with Joshie? Not that I can find fault with either answer!

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