Things I Wonder if I’ll Ever Eat Again

Since I moved back from Los Angeles in 2003, I’ve had such food cravings.

You don’t think you miss things, but you DO! I only got to go back once, and nowhere near my favorite foods…. I often wonder if I’ll ever…

…get Canter’s matzo ball soup when I sick again…

matzoBallSoup Or their corned beef…

Corned Beef Best

Or if I’ll ever taste the yummy empanadas at Argentine Empanada…


Will I ever get my choice of “beef, chicken or shrimp” at Gardens of Taxco again?  Or be sung to by roving violinists?


Or be waited on by a server with 50 years of service at Musso and Franks (the ONLY place in the entire world that cooks a steak EXACTLY like I like it, with their red wine blue cheese dressing on a salad…AND I can sit in Mickey Rooney’s booth?


Or stop on my way home and sink my teeth into a Tommy Burger?


Or have a Westwood sammich at Nate N’ Al’s?


Oh Lord, if you can hear me, I need some money for Fed Ex shipping!!  I’ll eat everything cold and a day or two old, I promise!


Zona said…
Oh my... this post made me SO hungry. I wonder if I can find a sandwich like that one here.. YUM!!!!!!!

just call me jo said…
But you have the memories...I don't have that many good eateries to relive. Maybe you should venture out and find new favorites.
The Apple Pan in L.A. has pretty darn good burgers, and, of course, apple pie à la mode! It's quite an experience eating there!
Unknown said…
Hi Y'all,

My Human is drooling! FOOD!

Stop by tomorrow and pick up y'alls Award.

Hawk aka BrownDog
Holy Dinah, that is one big matzo ball!
Mack said…
Mom says she has dreams about Furr's cafeteria in Tulsa. Dad says it gives him nightmares!

Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Oh, yum. That all looks so good!
houndstooth said…
Dang it! I am STARVING now! Woman, I'm trying to diet!

Love your new profile picture! Actually, I saw it on Facebook earlier. :P It's a great picture of you!
All of a sudden, I am STARVING!

Your pal, Pip
Let's just meet there for lunch....and dinner....and 2nd dinner :)
i am always hungry,,, and if it is chewable.. i eat it... a week old.. its okay
Dolores said…
You were successful in making everyone good and hungry..... Yum!
I'm not a picky eater, I'll eat anything..... not sure about the matzo ball soup..... never heard of that...
Oh man, Canters. Now that's bringing back some memories. I'll have a Danny Thomas.

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