When Neon Ruled


Really?  Did we really?

I can remember one of my most favorite outfits – a bright purple, green and blue tropical print tank and skirt that I wore with either an Electric Blue (like these Reeboks) or bright purple blazer.

Wouldn’t be caught dead in it today. 

In fact, I was with a friend when I found the skirt in a thrift store a few years back.  I said “ooh, I had this outfit”.  She looked once and went “YECH!!”

So much for my style sense.  I wear a lot of black now.

But I can sooooo remember when these shoes came out.  Reeboks were IT and NEON said you had arrived.  Whatever happened to Reeboks anyway?  Were they unable to get children to make them anymore?

Did you partake of this fashion faux-paus?  Describe it below! I can’t be the only one who wore ugly clothes.


houndstooth said…
I didn't have those super cool Reeboks, but I did have an atrocious lime green t-shirt that I think my dad finally stole and burned to keep me from wearing it!
Wyatt said…
I still wear the Converse All-Star
tennis shoes in bright colors!!
I try to keep bright colors away from my butt, don't need to draw any attention to that area..LOL

Wyatt's Mom
Hi Barbara, I like the new photo of your self. You may of needed a stylist then, but you don't need one now. Regarding the coral pencil cactus any Nursury should have them, although I think with the dogs it might be a problem, they are toxic. Similiar to my first husband!---- I hope all is well Chickadee.
WAIT! Are you telling me I am no longer with it????
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
What about the humongous shoulder pads, even with tee shirts? Sooooo attractive...
Oh yeah, I remember when neon ruled. I had a neon pink t-shirt that would just make your eyes water.
24 Paws of Love said…
I didn't have neon, but I had the blood red reeboks that were the same style. The only size I could get were a half size too small. I got them anyways and scrunched my feet into them trying to walk like it didn't make a difference.

The stupid things we do to be cool!! :(
my mom had some of the cool pink sneakers,,,, and cranberry red too
Mack said…
Hahahaaha! Mom says she had a lime green pair of those mannnnny years ago!!
fromsophiesview said…
Sorry...just plain ol' white in my neck of the woods..that would be 1983!
rottrover said…
Well, Mom had the Reeboks in red - woohoo!! AND one of her favorite outfits during that era was an electric blue (ELECTRIC!!) raw silk jumpsuit. She LOVED that thing. Thank goodness I wasn't around to see it!!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday to help celebrate my Gotcha Day!

3 doxies said…
Hey Lady, my mum is wearin' a pair of da hot pink ones right nows.

Dolores said…
I never owned a pair of Reeboks, but I sure had some tacky print clothes in the 70's. Actually, I have some pretty tacky clothes right now..... oh well.
Eartha Kitsch said…
I had them in powder blue and thought that I was the stuff!
laura linger said…
I went to high school from 1984-1988.

Enough said.

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