Wordless Wednesday (well, sort of)

stuff1 005Pretending we like each other.

stuff1 009“Not cool mom. I was sleeping.”

stuff1 008   “Yeah, get used to it.”

…and I am happy to announce that Stubby’s parents have adopted a new pug to love.  Please go meet Tiffy and say hello!!

tiffy This is Tiffy!!!


Unknown said…
Hi Y'all,

Love the expressions on the furry faces. Love to know what Tiffy was thinking about.

Y'all come back now,
Hawk aka Browndog
rottrover said…
We Moms can be such an imposition!!
Dolores said…
Not sure if my comments are posting..... having trouble with blogger..... anywhoo....love your post.... and a house is not a home without animals all over the furniture!
Jan said…
My dogs don't even mind sharing body heat with the cat when it gets cold enough.
it's good to know that I am not the only one on the recieving end of the stink eye from the dogs we love, cherish and feed.
houndstooth said…
That's funny! When two of ours share the couch, we get similar expressions! :P
some buddy is looking abit mischievious, BOL
Benny & Lily
Mack said…
You guys really know how to nap!

Tiffy is a cute little puglett!

3 doxies said…
Personally, I loves my brudder and I likes to lay on top of him cuz he be very comfy. He be my bestest furiend...but I will nevers admit to dat.
Congratulations to Tiffy and Stubby's parents. Tiffy will definately be loved and pampered. Hers a lucky little girl.

Yes, doggies do let us know what they are thinking, don't they?
Unknown said…
Haha Fred and Hay wouldnt even lie next to each other on the couch if I forced them, I love their faces!!

Congrats to the family of Miss Tiffy!
Kari in Alaska said…
We know deep down they love each other

Haha, they look like my cat and my dog trying to share the afternoon spot of sunshine on the kitchen floor! Very reluctantly, but oh, the sun is too good not to.

Tiffy is one good-looking cutie pie pug! Love her little pink sweater, it's darling.
Jim said…
Oh little Tiffy Wiffy! Did I just say that! Little dogs do this to me! lol
Unknown said…
Dear Aunty Barbara, this here is Howie Pee whom you adore. I got your message about them sausages you are gonna send me. I am sitting by the front door and there is a puddle of drool formin at my feetsies which is really grossin AnnieBelly out. Can yew send me the fed ex trackin number so I can make sure the neighbor dogs don't get them? I don't like to take any chanzes when it comes ta food.
your good pal,
Oskar said…
Secret love! We'll go over and say hello to Tiffy.

Nubbin wiggles,
-- said…
This is a great looking blog! Well done! I'm excited to read your postings!

Thanks for stopping by to meet Sawyer today!
fromsophiesview said…
Tiffy is a snork snork cutie!
Oh i love you cuties lying on the couch!!!! tee hee hee... Your just too cute!!!!
and isn't Tiffy adorable?

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