You Hate Your Kids, Don’t You?

Anco Windshield Wiper Blades - 19511215

Look at that innocent face.  You hate it, don’t you?

Well, you must if you’re driving around with Dead Wiper Blades.

That’s right, those old, dead blades keep you from being able to see, making you susceptible to needless, storm-bread smashups that KILL CHILDREN.  You irresponsible driver YOU.

Dead blades lead to dead children more than POLIO does, you rotten, evil person. 

Prove you love your children and change those dead blades to live blades today.  Eight out of ten people who are REMINDED to buy blades buy ANCO (probably because they’re sold where they are “reminded”).

Don’t hate children.  Buy ANCO.

Have a nice day.


There's nothing like guilting you into buying wiper blades! Bad parent, bad, bad!
houndstooth said…
I just spent a day with Satan's spawns in the classroom! I think I'll stick with the dead blades today! :P
laura linger said…
And of course you would feel compelled to make a wiper blade purchase to protect that Beautiful Blonde Young Aryan Daughter, right? I mean, if it was little Juan Julio from the barrio, caution would be thrown to the winds!
24 Paws of Love said…
Dead blades? That's one hell of an advertisment. Dead or Alive? That is the question.
3 doxies said…
I don't see a pikture!!!!!!!
Mum just hads her blades changed and bitched bouts da price.

I 'd make the kid sit on the hood and wipe the rain off for me. =)

Good thing I never had kids lollll
♥ Sallie said…
I'd better change my blades right now! LOL!

Mack said…
I think that kid prolly needs a spankin!
Dolores said…
Oh my... that's a unique ad...

I change mine 'cause I can't stand that awful squeaking noise. Never thought I might be killing my kids.
fromsophiesview said…
One of my blades is 1/2 dead...does that count? I love driving with one butt on my side of the car!
Fran Hill said…
I really like the idea of your blog. I love old adverts.

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