And Now, For Your Summer Dining Pleasure...

Tuna Salad that Looks Like Vomit!!

Yes, you too can make exciting new salads with the help of Ann Page.  Salads that will add pounds to your body...wait, that's not true, because you'll probably be purging them later...

Anyway, here goes.  Take a nice, ripe tomato.  Cut the tops off with a pretty design. Scoop out the guts and throw it in a bowl.  Now add 2 cans of tuna, 3 hard boiled eggs that you've chopped up (but save half for "garnish"), 1 cup of mayonnaise (or Miracle Whip, the mothership of "salad dressings"), 3 tablespoons chili sauce, chopped chives or onion tops, and 2 tablespoons of capers.

Slop this mixture into the tomatoes, top with more dressing.  Done!

You've just made Tuna Salad De Luxe!   I know that when I have friends over, I always serve them something mayonnaisy and flesh colored.  They love it.


Lidian said…
A Recipe to Treasure? Not if I treasure my digestive tract. I can't do both, Ann Page, sorry.

What a great ad, Barbara! I love it. And now I am going to try and put that image out of my mind ;)


"I sauris sorry I took Ann Page's advice about that pink salad dressing!"
houndstooth said…
Fleshy and mayonaisy is bad? Well, slap my ass and call me Shirley! Who would have thought that?

I can only imagine what the rest of Ann Page's recipes involve! Probably stuff that will make my pants burst at the seems just thinking about it!
Jan said…
Mayonnaise is the ethnic food of white people. No meal is complete without if. :-)
They ate the damndest crap in those days.
Unknown said…
Hi Y'all,

Now look what you've done! It's almost my supper time and you've got my Human rootin' around for something to eat! For her not me!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog
3 doxies said…
Okay, I don't knows what is funnier...da add or da comments...OMD, I is crackin' up over hears.

I thought mayo was da food fur southerners...along withs moonshine, tea, and cornbread.

What no Catchup? You have to have Catchup on everything. What is that mayonnaise stuff? Catchup is the ultimate topping. Try substituing catchup for mayonnaise in your next recipe and see how your guests rave. At least that is how it works out in the country. Ask any Texan!

We need to get you a cooking show. Can you put a petition up on line? We can close our eyes and imagine the show...... It would be a hit. "Cooking for people that don't want to cook anyway".

Mogley G. Retriever
Jim said…
A large straw may help!
Dolores said…
UGH...... I don't like tuna..... I love all the comments.... so cute!
ok, that is frightening
Benny & Lily
fromsophiesview said…
I'm trying to keep my bile down after reading that toxic pounder recipe...eeewwh! Oh well, maybe the leftovers could be used to replace window putty of something!
OMH, this definitly will not make it to my table!
It gave me the chills.

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