Are You Suffering From Polka Dots?

And people wonder why girls are afraid of every beauty misstep as they grow up.   We're conditioned to it!


Yes, there's always some advertiser or authority figure waiting to point out every little issue that makes you less than acceptable. If only we could block that static!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Yes, and for every school that is teaching self-esteem classes for teenage girls, there are probably 100 more schools that have all the teen magazines in their library, still spreading the propaganda.
Unknown said…
Hi Y'all,

Sigh...if I wasn't sufferin' before, I am now!

Hmmmph! I shouldn't suffer, I'm a dog and a boy at that.

Hawk aka BrownDog
Our dad says he knows Polka Dots very well. They used to be a good band that played at all of the rural polka dances on Saturday night. It's good to see they are making a come back.

Mogley G. Retriever
3 doxies said…
BOL @ Mogley.
Dat so reminded dat I has always wanted to learn hows to do da Polka. I thinks I would be very good at it....afters a few beers.

I want to see Puddles do the Polka! Somebody give her a beer!

Your pal, Pip
houndstooth said…
I'm suffering from a lot more than polka dots!
hey lady I got a polka dot on my head
Lily (& Benny )

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