Can You Help Nico?

Have you heard the story of Nico?


(from L.A Times guest blogger Janet Kinosian),photo by Nikki Audet

Photos like the one on the left aren't anything new on the Web: Tens of thousands flood Facebook alone on a daily basis. What was different about Nico's photo, though, was what it captured: the loneliness of an animal that lay against the shelter's wall full of sadness, seeming to have lost all hope. That only spurred on Southern California rescuers.

And that's where the photo on the right comes rock

Things have worked out well for Nico SwanGarris. That's his new name and he lives now with his two moms and new sister, Brisby, a pit bull mix who is also deaf and white, in Indiana. He still loves balls, baths and life as a major couch potato, says Bridget Swan, who, with her partner Melissa, adopted Nico in November 2009.

nico hiding 

Me talking:  Nico has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.  His mothers have shouldered most of the costs themselves, with donation help here and there.  Now they are asking for help again.  He’s come so far; we can’t let cancer take him tub

Nico has been shared with the world to show what animals really feel in shelters.  He’s been a champion dogcaster for adopting the “not so good” animals.

nico baby

Can you help, even a little?  Nico’s Chip In Fund is here and also on my blog if you need to come back later.

Nico is also on Facebook…he loves having friends.

Nico’s video


What a sweet looking face! I have tears in my eyes. I volunteer at a shelter, so I've heard lots of stories, but that first pic is so touching. You just want to hug him. I'll try and see if I can give (from Canada).

On a side note, there must be something in the genes about being white and deaf. White cats with two different eye colours are very often deaf.
Thanks for helping Nico! What a beautiful story. My paws are crossed for Nico and his family.

Your pal, Pip
Dogs are some of the best people. People who help dogs are pretty special too. (speaking as the mom to 3 shelter dogs currently and formerly of a rescued racing greyhound)Thanks for sharing Nicco's story.
houndstooth said…
I know that dog people are the best, and hopefully there will be enough who hear Nico's story that he will be able to get the help he needs to battle on!
3 doxies said…
It breaks my heart seeing images likes dat! But thankgoodness good peoples is lovin' him now.

Eartha Kitsch said…
Bless his beautiful soul. I'll be praying for him and have donated. I've also passed the word to Rescue Ink. Those are some great guys and I'm hoping that they'll pass the word. Fingers crossed!
Unknown said…
shameless plug also see Nico's youtube mini-doc

directed by me Nico's uncle Narrated by Bridget Nico's Mom!
-- said…
What a sad story. I hope Nico gets the help he needs!
Dolores said…
The picture of Nico leaning into the wall is so heartbreaking; thank God he now knows what love is all about.
Bless you for sharing this and all the people who help these defenseless animals.
My heart is crying, and your heart is so big for sharing this story

Blakeney said…
God bless Nico, his family, and all who suffer needlessly!

One note-I think Nico has a new fund here:

(the old fund was the same *BUT* the web address ended in "3" - I think each new fund adds the next number up as the last character in the web address.)

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