Courtesy of Minnie

Someone is going to be in trouble when I get home.


3 doxies said…
Hey Lady, you can't possibly makes me believes Minnie did dat.
It was da always is, regardless!

suzieQ said…
Pillow death...spoken like a human,an owner.
Stuffing liberation...spoken like a dog. could be squirrels. They are always looking for stuffing to feather their nests. Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
My cats try to liberate the stuffing in chairs and couches. At least, that is what they tell me.
Kari in Alaska said…
was that a pillow?

happileah said…
oh. emm. gee!
That's kinda like what happened to my COUCH. Except for that my KIDS did it.

Run & Hide Minnie!!!
What the hell is that and why is it blue?
Barbara said…
Fortunately for Minnie, it's just a throw pillow with blue stuffing. She's already eaten one sofa pillow. Had she eaten another, she'd be in much bigger trouble.

Squirrels! HA!
Eartha Kitsch said…
Wow, hon. That Minnie is a real go-getter!
Dolores said…
Oh no, didn't she do something similar to this awhile back.

Don't be too hard on the sweet girl, was an accident, I'm sure.

Have a good weekend!
She was very artistic as she did it.
It looked like a famous art piece.
Pillows explode like that all the time. It's a real epidemic. Just ask any dog. People go out and the pillows go "poof".
Anonymous said…
Neeto! I've never seen turquoise stuffing before! :P

Waggin at ya,
Anne D said…
Oh yeah. We've had a number of Stuffing Explosion incidents at our house, especially since I brought Yogi home last fall! I can't leave anything comfy in his crate or it's history. Very messy history!
Anonymous said…
Oh Minnie...Hide!!
-- said…
HAHAHHAHAHAHA, oh, good puppy!

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