A Giveaway!

Since I have so many dog lovers here, I thought I’d gear the prize to the pups of my followers.

I have TWO Kong Braidz Zebras to give away.

kong zebra

To enter, you do have to be a follower.

Just leave a comment telling me the name of your pup and what your pup does with their toys.  Chew? Tear up? Cherish?

Enter before midnight Wednesday April 6.  I’ll name two winners on Thursday.  Good luck!


Unknown said…
We are a follower of your blog!

Fred: he likes to carry new toys around and he treats them as his babies and takes them everywhere for a few weeks and then he will chew on it very slowly.

Haylie: she is a chewer and will get to work on her toys
Kari in Alaska said…
We follow :)

My three destroy, it doesn't matter what the toy is, destruction is always the outcome withing 5 minutes.

Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Mister Ming, the shih tzu, takes his outside to play and usually leaves them in the driveway for me to bring inside. Izzy, the Italian greyhound, keeps hers in her bed.
Can I enter on behalf of my human? He does not think toys are a priority. Bella and I take our toys and very carefully tear them to shreds. I carry them around till Bella decides it is time to play tog-o-war, then she tried to take it away. Since I can't let that happen, a struggel takes place. The winner is the one that ends up with the biggest piece of the toy.

Mogley G. Retriever
DANG! that Zebra kong would match Stumpy wonderfully! Unfortunately, our mail in dirtville is almost non existant so we don't do contests.

I do follow your blog, though!
Tucker said…
Oks I Tucker must admit that my favorite thing to do wif my toys is to step on one end and pull with my teeth the other end. I likes tug so much I plays it wif myself!

woof - Tucker
Golden Samantha said…
Hi There! Mom is feeling sheepish on our behalf, cause we haven't been here in a while and today we visit and you're having a cool contest! Those are great toys! Well... my favorite toy is definitely my kong, which I could fetch endlessly but for my mom's exhausted arm after a while! Sissie Avalon is not picky. Everytoy is her favorite and she likes to carry them around and nudge me/people with it to make them jealous or play with her. Sometimes she fits two or three toys in her maw at once! That's why she was a little piggie on her birthday! (But I love her very much!)
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon
-- said…
Sawyer loves playing with her toys. If it's a stuffed animal, she makes sure to kill it first so that it knows who's boss. Then she rips out its stuffing and eats it. If it's a ball, she fetches it, and then runs away so that we can't take it back. And if it's a bone, she methodically wears it down to nothing!
houndstooth said…
Oh goodness!

Morgan gives her toys a workout, but the Greyhounds tend to curl up and snuggle with theirs. Lilac likes to carry one with her to the back door when we do turn out. Bunny hides hers in the bed so Morgan can't find them. Blueberry uses them as a pillow! lol
3 doxies said…
Lady, you knows I is a follower.

Ummmm, well...I likes to take my toy and KILLS it. I shakes it alls around in my moth and then it's dead as a door nail...then I stomps on it.
Oh and Mum says I is only allowed to plays withs one toy at a time (dats stoopid) cuz I don't put them up when I is done. I likes to leave them ALL in da floor....hehehehehe!

Jim said…
I'll see if Sophie wants to enter this give away. She cherishes her toys....never tearing them up! Such a good girl!
Dolores said…
Just wanted to pop in and say "hi"..... Our Casey has too many toys ...she's spoiled rotten.
I'll pass on the give away.
For those of you that have never owned a KONG product...they are worth every single cent!
I am Tweedles.
I have never ever torn anything up.
I like to grab my toy then have someone try to catch me and get it away from me. I also like to play tug of war with my toys,
I think the zebra is so cute
Okay lady thanks for thinking of us doggys. I steal Lilys toys and throw them in the air, run around the house with them in my mouth then take a nap. Lily steals my toys, plays, chews and falls asleep on them. Thats it
Benny & Lily
Wyatt said…
Oh Boy Prizes :)

I(wyatt) am a destroyer. I go for the squeeker first and then remove limbs and heads.
Stanzie is a bury-er. If given the chance, she will take all the toys outside and place them in a really deep hole.
I don't think we deserve to win a prize..BOL
Jacki said…
Gabe n Arch say I HAVE to enter this giveaway :-)

Gabe is a chewer. If there's a squeeker inside, then he basically saws on the darn thing to extract the squeeker asap. If there is no squeeker, he still chews it up, just at a slower pace. I should note that he also likes to chew the fuzz off Archie's tennis balls.

Archie is more of a cherisher. He *loves* carrying stuffies around but unfortunately for him, he lives with Gabe. He takes good care of his tennis balls (whether they are fuzzless or not), even licking the water off if they roll into a puddle :-)
Holly The World's Biggest Chihuahua, and Boogie Who Eats Anything refer to their toys as "babies", so we tell them to "get that baby" and then they bite it and shake it and slobber all over it. When I tell Boogie to "gimme that baby" she lets go with a huge growl (fake, I'm pretty sure) and hides the baby under 65 pounds of dog fat. As you might suspect, we are eagerly looking forward to the time someone brings over an actual human baby (insert evil chortle here). Sadly, we can't enter either dog in your contest since Holly doesn't have enough teeth for a Kong and Boogie wouldn't be able to figure out what to do with it (other than try to eat it).

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