A Hard Blog To Write

It was a sad weekend in Blogville, with the passing of Richie and with some news I received from a friend and coworker.

I wanted to share what my friend shared with me, because now that spring is nearly here, people will start to work in their gardens and may not know, or may forget, that this is poison to animals….


My friend lost her dog to this on Friday.

She and her husband kept the bait on what they believed was a high enough shelf.  Unfortunately, they had a determined pup.  He ate the entire box.  They were at work…they didn’t know.  The vet estimated that it most likely killed him within minutes. 

The good news is that their other dog is a finicky eater, and only ate a tiny bit.  She’s shown no symptoms, but has been treated and watched.

A dog can die from just a tiny portion of the granules and the liquid bait can stick on their paws…also deadly.

Please remember that your pups are naturally curious, and that we as humans are naturally distracted.  Go look RIGHT NOW and make sure that any poisons you have are up high or locked up.

Better yet, don’t buy this stuff and stick with pet safe chemicals or no chemicals at all.

Keep your pets safe and happy and hug them all for me.


Dolores said…
Oh ...how sad!!! I feel for your friends..... I'm sure they're heartbroken. This post is such a good reminder to all of us who might have this chemical.

The only chemical I have is the stinky fire ant killer Orthene....but you can betcha I wont buy the slug bait.
Hugs ...
Oh my--I thought I only had to worry about antifreeze. This is so sad.
oh my goodness, so sad
Benny & Lily
Oh! I am so sad for your friends!
Wyatt said…
Sorry about your friend's dog :(

That is a good reminder for the gardening season.

Wyatt and Stanzie
We are so sorry to hear about this pup. Thank you for letting us know about more dangers we need to be aware of.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
3 doxies said…
Oh Ms. Barbara...I mean Lady (dats what I calls you if you haven't noticed)...I am so sorry to hears bout your friends doggie. I knows they is just devastated.
Add dis stuff to da list mum didn't knows about. Thank goodness we don't has any of it. Dad stores dis stuff outside in a bin. It's in da front of da house which is off limits to us.

So sad. And it could happen to any of us - everyone needs to be more careful.
I read Richie's post and it was so sad. So terrible about your co-worker's friend too. I just can't imagine!

I'd rather put up with the slugs...

Or put beer in a small container with holes. The slugs will die happy and at the very worst, your dog will be slightly tipsy if she gets into it...
Eartha Kitsch said…
It's just so awful! That poor pup.. :(

Thank you for spreading the message. It will save lives and make us all look at our homes with a more critical eye.

God bless sweet Richie as well. It's so hard to see them go..
We need to remind people about leaving ant baits around. The little boxes with ant poison in them look safe, but they are very chewable, and very bad for us.

Thanks for reminding our humans to hide all of the bad stuff.

Mogley G. Retriever
The Heartbeats said…
These chemicals are mamma's excuse to not worry about how green our grass is and stuff...very convenient excuse!

My sweet Barbara
I am so sorry about Ritchie...
I had just heard that on the Slimmers blog too..
And I am so sad also for your co- worker who's doggie also died.
My heart is crying.
I know that poison slug stuff is so dangerous...
my moms only keep the safe stuff, cause they had a lab who ate some once and almost died
no more of that stuff- ever again.
I will send healing thoughts to those with broken hearts.

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