I Haz A Boxz

I received a package today (that I have to return), but someone grabbed it from me and it took a while to get it back…

Part 1

And the finale



Emma Rose said…
That was great! What a happy pup :) Just think of all the money everyone would save on toys if their dogs loved boxes as much as yours does! Thanks for sharing.

Emma Rose
Anonymous said…
Great way to open the box!! Did you not like the bark control? we need to get something for our dogs!
tee hee heee
that was funny!
we have DSL now,, so we can see videos, and it was so good!
she is one smart pup,,, and all that stuff was hers,, i am sure,,, not yours
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
So cute! That was one determined doggy!
Anonymous said…
Hahahahahaha! Oh I would have ripped that bark control box up too! Very smart doggy to take that nasty contraption away from you :D Neener neener ;) Maybe a big bone in the mouth will work just as well ;P

Dolores said…
Now that is one happy and determined dog. This is so cute!!
Kathie said…
She is definitely making a statement against the Bark Control, that's for sure. Great video!
suzieQ said…
She was really teasing you, wasn't she? My cat, Boo, rips paper just like that...he acts more like a dog than a cat; he likes me to rub his belly which all of my cats have hated.
Don't we just love our fur babies?
Unknown said…
Hi Y'all,

What a mess! She needs to learn to bring things to you, the Human! Not take the mail and run away with it!

I take the mail TO the Human and get a yummy reward. :)

Mr. Goody Four Paws (Hawk aka BrownDog)
ROTFLOL!!!!!!! Oh that was delightful! What a pup!

I iz just opening the boxz for you Mommy! I swear!
Minnie was sooo into that box! she must be hell at a birthday or christmas party!

word verification: gored. I'd say that pretty much sums up that box
houndstooth said…
Oh Minnie! You're a girl after my heart! Who needs a box cutter or personal trainer when they have you? I had a very good giggle over that this morning! :)
Kari in Alaska said…
Nothing better than cheap entertainment :)

-- said…
Hahha! Oh my goodness that's a cute video!
Golden Samantha said…
A 5***** Movie!!! So funny - Minnie, you're a card! And you're furry good at de-boxing pressies - and - there wasn't even any foodables in it!!! Well... here's what we have to say: Cheers to you with our most encouraging thoughts for success with Trixie's de-woofing device hee hee!!!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie, Avalon, Oz and Mom
Jim said…
What is it that fascinates some dogs so much about ripping up cardboard and paper? The sound maybe?! Sophie LOVES to do this too!
Loved the videos!

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