We Have A Girl In Every Style!!!

Fly SAS…we have any kind of girl you want!

sas air

Where ya going?  Japan? France? Scandanavia? Italy? How about the good old USA??

Well, we got ‘em.  Blonde girls, redheads, brunettes, Asians, Italians, Swedes…gay, chic, blue-eyed, fiery, beautiful…just pick one. Yep, we’ll fly you with any style stew you want.

Our service is excellent and geared to the businessman.  Oh, we picture you with your wife, but we know you fly solo.  That’s why we number our girls.  Just pick a number and she’ll fly your way.

No shoulder-to-shoulder crowding on our radar smooth spacious berths with Continental cuisine and champagne.  Silken pleasure, all for you, Mr. Businessman Not Traveling With Your Wife.

Your own happy smile is our reward.  SAS, your airline to the world!


houndstooth said…
Yeah, he'll be flying solo after his wife catches him ogling that SAS ad! Flying solo and sleeping on the couch!
Maybe all of those air traffic controllers were not sleeping on the job, they may have been giving an SAS stew a "tour".

Or maybe the air traffic controllers can see more on their screens than they let on....

Mogley G. Retriever
Wyatt said…
We have done some flying with SAS. Not too shabby, except for the food! Yikes...leaving Copenhagen, we had some kind of sandwich with cold bacon and a bucket o' mayo :(
Fran Hill said…
Notice how before the age of airbrushing photographs, all you had to do was sketch girls with flawless complexions and - job done!
3 doxies said…
All them girls purty much look da same too me.
Yea, and I was thinking da same thing bouts da air traffic...hehehe!

Oh that's how the one in the red hat is able to afford all those jewels. Fly with SAS, happy ending!
I love your tags..."the red light airline" snort, chortle, just choked on my wine...you are funny!
Jim said…
Fine line between this ad and 'dating' service.
Eartha Kitsch said…
Something about those numbers next to the girls is hella creepy.
tweedles said…
No way am I going up in the sky on one of those birds!

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