A Weird Thing



Weird boxers.

Man in laurel.

Playing a violin.

To a ghost wife.

Munsingwear advertising men were on acid, I swear.

I have no words, but if the wife bought these shorts, she needed to get out more.


PS: I just discovered Craig Ferguson.  I mean, I knew him, but never watched the show.  Oh my god, I love him.

Have a great weekend.


Dolores said…
David never wore the boxer type underwear.....thinking I NEED to watch this video..... sleepy and tired tonight, but promise to watch it tomorrow .....
Sara In AZ said…
OMG Craig Ferguson is the BEST!!! We watch him whenever we can. Love him!!!
houndstooth said…
Ha ha ha! Those Munsingwear men at least knew how to make ads that would make us talk about them years later!
hee heee what houndstooth said is so true,,, all these things you bring up are so funny!
Craig Ferguson is the ONLY guy who could rock those boxers!
Love Craig Ferguson! I love his accent too. He's very irreverent. Too bad he's on so late at night.

As for those boxers, what's with the Nero and Rome burning connection? Maybe because they NEED TO BE BURNED!!! Too weird, lol!
Lidian said…
Just what the Emperor Nero would have been wearing!
fromsophiesview said…
and he's wearing a "beater" ouch!
Jim said…
Weird boxers indeed! Let's see.....Gladiator boxers and a guy playing the fiddle! Strange! Who is having the fantasy here? Hard to tell.
quo vadis? wasnt that a film with deborah kerr?
-- said…
Gotta love that Scottish accent!

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