Wordless Wednesday

minnie sleeping

I’m home with a killer migraine.  Everyone else is sleeping.


How Sam Sees It said…
OMD - that is too funny! There must have been something interesting out there, and your pup didn't want to get up and look!

Love the dog, love the lamp and hope you feel better soon. Real soon.
I think I'm having sympathy pain....hope you feel better soon :)
Golden Samantha said…
That pic is furry funny of the situation you present, but if you indeed, have a killer migraine... that is not funny at all. Hope you recover furry soon.
Sammie, Avalon and Oz
Sweet baby
I hopes you feel better.

my puter was broken for almost a week and just got it home....
sorry i have not been able to visit
mom gets those, feel better
Benny & Lily
Migraines are the worst. Hope it didn't last too long. Your pup has the right idea.
houndstooth said…
Awww! I'm sorry! I hope you're feeling better soon!
Kari in Alaska said…
at least they are being quiet

♥ Sallie said…
Oh! That is the cutest picture.

Migraine's stink!

Zona said…
Just catching up.. hope that migraine is LONG gone!!


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