And Now For Something Completely Different

Thanks for your advice – I guess I am way too soft-hearted to train dogs correctly.  We tried a crate when I first found Minnie – she wouldn’t go in it no matter what I did.  Food, treats, cushy pillows, nothing.  Same with Trixie. 

Now, I know I should have been firmer, but man, I’m just a dog sap.  They OWN me.


Hysterical, Barbara! LOVE LOVE LOVE and I needed the laugh, today, badly!
Unknown said…
Hi Y'all,

You really must change your thinking!

My crate is my bedroom and if I'm in there no one bothers me. My Humans no longer close the door, but I go sleep in there lots of times. I always get my meals there even though there are no other dogs in the house.

Y'all have your own rooms in which you can retreat. I have my room.

Hawk aka BrownDog
your doggys rule,, and they own you!
Dolores said…
You sound so much like me..... my animals own me.

Such a cute video!!!
If they don't like the crate then forcing them probably isn't the solution, don't fret it. Too many people won't even try. One thing that made ours love it was we put blankets inside and over it - it was like a doggie blankie fort! Have you tried Kongs? That's another trick that keeps our doggies busy.
rottrover said…
I LOVE this video!! Thanks, Barbara!!

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