At First I Thought – How Quaint

And then I found out they still make them!


Do you have allergies?

I do.

What an interesting way to choke to death.  Nasal filters!  That’s right, a little piece of metal that has “screens” on each side that you place in your nose.

Conspicuous?  Yep.  I’m sure you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with two metal screens in your nose. 

The odd thing is, these are still made!

nasal 1


Can’t see it, can you?  Well, okay, you can, but they used to be made of metal!  You’d have to have a lot of self confidence for that, plus some guts to stuff this in your nose…

nasal 2



I mean REALLY.

I may have allergies, but I have some pride left.  It looks like some weird contraceptive for your nose.

So, would you try this?


They have something like that where my son works - Rainbow Blossom (if you guessed hippies and health food and green in every way but the pursuit of money, you wouldn't be far wrong) - to use instead of nasal strips you wear at night which have to be thrown away each morning. So maybe...
Both my mom and I have allergies, but you won't catch either of us using those instruments of torture!

Your pal, Pip
Dolores said…
Ok..I'm going to pass on this one.... I have allergies,but I'm not that desperate.
Wouldn't that godawful contraption just make you breathe through your mouth?
I hope no one comes near me with those things.. nail clippers are bad enough
Mack said…
I'm with Tweedles! Those things look downright scary!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I think I may just stick with my Breathe Right strips.
Eartha Kitsch said…
I have horrible allergies but there is no way that I am sticking any of those things in my nose holes. Bleh. Why not just wear a surgical mask? It's all the rage these days. Nobody even blinks. Especially not as much as they would if you have little plastic handles coming out of your nose.
fromsophiesview said…
Jees..I'm game fer about pretty much anything if it'll keep my eyes from tearing up and poring out me nostrils!
Maybe in my own backyard where I only have the dogs to laugh at me!
capewood said…
I think that I wouldn't stop sneezing the entire time something like that was in my nose.

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