Monday, May 9, 2011

Elmo's Beauty Line

Zephyr-light, richly lubricating...when you hear these words, think Elmo.

Caress away that dry, parched feeling with blossom-fresh enchantment with Elmo.

Pat Elmo under your eyes, spank Elmo under your chin, lift your droopy mouth with Elmo.

Available now, under special contract with Sesame Street, Elmo is offering this luxury texture cream for only $19.99. 

But wait!  Call in the next 10 minutes, and Elmo will throw in his best selling book "How to Look Like A Bitch While Posing for Cream Ads".  Just pay separate shipping and handling.

But that's not all!  The first 100 callers will receive a copy of Elmo's latest album "Songs of Beautifully Smug Women" free!  Just pay separate shipping and handling.

Call NOW, our operators are waiting!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Maybe she's a muppet too?

Lidian said...

If the operators are his Sesame Street friends, then I do not wish to speak to ANY of them! Ever!

3 doxies said...

Fur some reason, lubricating and Elmo just shouldn't be in da same sentence.

rottrover said...

Can I purchase the book "How to Look Like a Bitch While Posing..." seperately?

Dolores said...

I don't want the Elmo book, but if the cream works...i'll soak in it...".

houndstooth said...

You had me at "spank Elmo under your chin!"

De tout, de rien said...

Tickle me Elmo takes on a whole new meaning...

Jim said...

Oh, she looks like she has 'something' up her sleeve alright....and it ain't cream!

Mack said...

Mom says the name Elmo does not sound very feminine!!

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