Have a Chubbie

Nothing says fun like a Chubbie.  So full of life and thrillingly styled!

Yes, a Chubbie is for you!  Men admire Chubbies!  Women envy Chubbies!  That's right, everyone wants a Chubbie!

Lined with rich rayon, your Chubbie is made of brushed mohair knit.  This is important, because not only are Chubbies warm, they're always correct!

Comes in ten colors: white, beige, powder blue, spring green, black, aqua blue, gold, coral and of course, pink and red!

Get a Chubbie today - in three sizes sure to please!  Have the time of your life with a Chubbie!


Dolores said…
I remember having a coat similar to this one....can't remember what it was called, but not a Chubbie....mine was probably the cheap brand.
Oh Gawd, I remember chubbies -- I haven't thought of that style in years!
tee hee hee
i do not have one,,, yet
Jan said…
You wouldn't have to ask if this makes you look fat. It just does.
houndstooth said…
That had to be named by a man! Probably a relative of the genius who coined the Always motto "Have a happy period!"

I shall refrain from the other reasons why this gives me the giggles!
Carole said…
I wish I could enlarge that ad.

I've got a short coat (possibly wool, possibly synthetic) that looks a lot like the one in the ad. It belonged to my mother (vintage 40s or 50s) and I've never seen anything like it until this ad. I wonder if it might be a chubbie?

Speaking of not being offended...I came across a vintage ad the other day for little girls clothing (can't remember the company name), and the clothing was for 'chubbies'. That would never fly in this day and age!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
OMG...what ad man would think that's a good name for any piece of women's clothing?
Mack said…
I think for Mother's Day I'll get my mom one in every color!!
Lidian said…
The most disturbing thing for me is that it comes in "ten delicious colors" - do they think we're going to EAT these things?
Linda said…
I think my grandmother had one of these coats. Can't remember the color though, thinking it was white.
Mohair would be very warm.
Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
Linda, Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek
3 doxies said…
Aaaaaaand it's only $6.95...what a bargain! I think I'll save my money fur some cheetos though.

laura linger said…
"Having a good time in a chubbie" is how my husband usually describes our wedding night.

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