Need Suggestions

I can't let this keep happening.  House is configured such that living room cannot be blocked off.  Refuse to lock her outside or in garage.

Any ideas anyone?


3 doxies said…
Uh, takes da pillows off da couch and puth THEM in da garage.

Jim said…
Hi Barbara, have you tried using those indoor kennel/cages? It is a safe way and a lot less destructive.
Jan said…
Banish the pillows, they're trouble makers.
Dolores said…
Oh no, not again! I started to suggest putting her in your bedroom, then I thought of your mattress...eek.

Maybe like Jan said.... banish all pillows when your gone.

She's a stinker....
BooBoo Kitty suggested stuffing the pillows with nails but you have to consider the source. I always think it's mean to crate a dog but unless you switch to granite furniture that may be the only way to go. Is the newly upholstered chair in a safe place? You know, even though she's destructive, you have to think she's having SUCH A GOOD TIME when she's ripping up your furniture!!!!
rottrover said…
Why not outside? We had one of those puppy pens when we were little guys. We're still afraid of it!!

-Gizmo and Bart
All of our dogs LOVE their Kennels. It's not a punishment, it's a safe place. We leave the doors off and they go in and out all day long. Sometimes the cat even goes in, then when we have company or we need to leave them for a while they go in and doors on. We resisted it with other dogs but all 3 love it. Or hide the pillows.
Luckily, you have a sense of humor. If you did not have that you would not have pillows or a smile.

In rescue work, over 70 rescues in our home, and still going.... We often crate train a dog. They need to learn what is theirs and what is yours. Crate training is not punishment, it is used to calm distructive behaviours. A crate does become their "safe place" and they will spend lots of time in their place when the door is open. Giving lots of toys is another channel, give them something to tear up that is theirs. Some people would put a muzzel on, but we don't use that method.

Mogley G. Retriever
houndstooth said…
We use crates here with great success, and it's good to have as a back up anyway. If you ever have an injury that requires rest, having them used to the crate is a godsend. Of our four, three of them love the crate and when one gets out, another has to rush in and claim it.

If she's tearing it open with her teeth, you might be able to use a plastic kennel muzzle to keep her from destroying things, too.
crate training. It's not so bad, when it's done right the dogs learn to love their kennels. Stumpy was over kenneled in the many homes before she came to me. When I first got her it was a fight everytime I needed to kennel her. Now she spends a good portion of her down time in the open kennel.
-- said…
We also use the crate for Sawyer. She actually loves it. I just make sure to give her a small treat every time she goes inside so that she sees it as a positive thing. Now, when it's time for me to go to work and she hears the treat bag, she just runs inside.
Finn said…
I didn't have this bad of a furniture problem, but my puppy loves paper. After trying a few brands, I found a sour spray that she hates and I use on all of my bookshelves before I leave her alone with paper!

PS - I didn't crate train either, I am soft-hearted too!

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