Suzie Needs a Quickie!

Poor Suzie.

She needs a quickie.

Her hubby wants her to have fun at her own party tonight and suggests a meal that doesn't keep her in the kitchen.  What a forward thinking hubby!

Suzie has to ponder how to do this, so she takes a bike ride.  Somewhere along the way, she meets up with a one-eyed duck(?) who tells her to make Chicken Paprika with frozen chicken. Since we are in the days before microwaves, I wonder how she thawed it quickly, but that's another commercial, I guess.

Using the never fail recipe of flouring and frying, the trick is in the "sauce".  Three whole tablespoons of chopped onion, 3/4 cup boiling water, another tablespoon of flour, a whole tablespoon of paprika, some cream and more water.  No salt, no pepper...we don't want to get exotic...that just takes time!  Throw in some rice and you're done!  No vegetables...they take time!  And no're too fat anyway.

The party guests are impressed, what with Fred using an odd sailing reference to complement the cook (the "tastiest chicken he ever sailed in to"...I mean, WTF?), and Mary, well she just thinks Suzie is a magician for being able to whip up a frozen chicken in no time.  Mary can't make ice.

The wonders of frozen food.  Will we ever know the true value of having this luxury around?


Eartha Kitsch said…
Never take party planning advice from a one eyed bird.
Chicken a la...butt easy!

You can't find considerate men like that anymore...
3 doxies said…
You mean hers had time to go on a bike ride to contemplate what to make cuz hers didn't have time to cook a real meal? WTF?
I'm not sure if my comment made any sense but neithers does Suzie so all is well.

Oh my Susi, BOL
Benny & Lily
Dolores said…
Oh.... how I appreciate my microwave!!!!

I hope you had a good birthday!!!
houndstooth said…
How did people survive before microwaves, anyway? Boy, Suzie sure is lucky she found Fred back in the day!
Now there's an attention-grabbing headline!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
People survived before microwaves by using pressure cookers. They worked really well...if the lid didn't blow off and kill you. There were even slightly risque jokes made about women who "played around" in the afternoon and threw food into a pressure cooker so their husbands thought they'd been cooking all day. Jeeeeze, knowing that makes me old as hell...LOL
I just love coming by to visit your blog! How did I miss this post? You are too funny as always

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