What Bride Wouldn't??

Well, THIS one (if I WERE one)!!

Seriously?  Give the bride a SCALE?  To "guard her health and protect her figure"??  To WARN her about added pounds?


It's okay if her husband turns into Porky Pig, but instead of a lovely place setting or a toaster, you're going to remind the bride never to gain a pound??  What kind of person gives a scale as a gift?

"Feather-light, slim as a wafer (like the bride is supposed to remain), and as handsome as her silver itself".  REALLY?  Let's just put it up here on the dining table and see.  "Practically noiseless"??  Does it groan if you gained weight?

I want to make something perfectly clear right now.  A scale is not an appropriate gift for ANYONE.  Well, okay, if they truly ask for it and want it, but as a casual or wedding gift?  NO!! 

Just get her a vacuum cleaner and be done with it.


laura linger said…
Oh, my LORD. *laughing*

I'd use the scale to weigh out a bunch of delicious fatty brisket to feed to Mr. Wonderful for dinner.
rottrover said…
Gee. I wonder how American women have developed their distorted self-images... HA!! Please pass the dark chocolate!
Wow. Very disturbing. No doubt it was written by a man.
OMG _ MY parents had a scale like that that was already old when I was a kid - I SOOO wonder now if it was a wedding present!!
Mack said…
Yikes! Whoever gave that as a WEDDING present had a lot of nerve!!
tweedles said…
thats a terrible gift!
Callie Brady said…
Scale? Leave the scales in the barn to weigh out feed for the animals. I like to weigh "less" because I feel better when I do and the clothes I like only seem to be made in the smaller sizes. Somebody could make some money if they came out with some clothes that look good for people who are not underweight.
Eartha Kitsch said…
Someone would have gift ribbons down their throat pronto if they gave me a scale. That's just..just..who the?

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