You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

From the "You'll Never See This Kind of Ad Again" Department...


Ah, the 50's, when there were no open lots, no wooded areas.  Something had to be done to help the paternal units teach the young ones how to hunt for food.  Thank goodness Daisy came up with the Indoor Target Range!

Mom no longer has to worry about little Bobby shooting at the neighbors pets or his little sister, now that Dad can supervise from his easy chair.  Just hang up the standard 15 foot Daisy range, or use some old bedspreads, canvas or cardboard.  Or mom's washer. Why, it'll be so safe, mom will be standing on the basement steps doing cheers.

"Mark respects guns now", says Dad. "A Daisy teaches a boy to act like a man!"   You're damned right, Dad!

Just remember that at no time can a girl use one of these BB guns.  They are not girl things.  Sis can use her Suzy Homemaker floor sweeper to clean up the BB's once the guys are done.  Oh, and make sammiches.

Indoor BB Gun Shooting - that New Father-Son Fun time!!


Eartha Kitsch said…
Yes, that makes PERFECT sense! As a woman who was once a little girl who honest to God almost DID get her eye shot out by a BB gun, I've just got to shake my head at this whole idea. Men invented this and war.

"Sis can use her Suzy Homemaker floor sweeper to clean up the BB's once the guys are done. Oh, and make sammiches." - Har!!
24 Paws of Love said…
That is just plain crazy!!
fromsophiesview said…
Bee Bee Gun sammiches...mmm mmm good!

Barbara, I think this is your best one yet! Too much! Mom cheering from the basement steps, in her heels, pearls and apron, no doubt!

Nowadays, girls can outshoot any of those boys. We've come a long way, baby! (For the most part.)
Dolores said…
Oh Barbara, this is so cute!
And yes, us girls can out shine the boys anyway....anyday...
Ralphie and his Dad could practice with the Leg Lamp!
houndstooth said…
And to think we bought our niece a pink BB gun for Christmas so her brother wouldn't steal it and try to use it himself!
tweedles said…
hi sweet Barbara
thank you for the birthday wishes!
Anonymous said…
I hope one of my neighbors doesn't see this. He'd for sure try it BOL!

Waggin at ya,
Mack said…
Yikes! I'd be afraid Bobby's aim wasn't so good and he'd hit the Macky!
Good thing we live out in the country where kids are able to go outside and shoot their guns and kill deer and have their picture published in the local newspaper with the dead deer. The only thing better would be to be a college student in Texas and be able to take a concealed weapon to class. Gawd.
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I grew up in Texas, so I'm accustomed to people teaching kids about firearms at a ridiculously young age. I must say that we were never allowed to shoot ours indoors though...LOL
3 doxies said…
I wanna pink one...and then my mum will be cheerin' fur me...I has neighbors ya knows.


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