Are You Sick of Jeep Yet?

We also took Puddles advice and glammed up Jeep’s Living Room Safe House…

Jeeps house 1jeeps house 2What do you think? 


rottrover said…
BOL!! Puddles is a pin-up girl!! And Jeep is adorable! Trixie is so patient with him :-)
Dolores said…
Ok... Barbara.... I was thinking that you were crazier than "he...double tooth pick", but after watching your cute video and looking at your pictures..... I think you made a fun choice!! So much love and entertainment!
Jan said…
I never get tired of watching puppies. Except maybe when they piddle and poop, but that's ok if I don't have to clean it up.
oh my goodness, hysterical
Benny & Lily
OMD OMD... I hope Puddles does NOT see this... that girrrrl will be totally outta control if she finds out that Jeep's Den is plastered with HER pics. BaaaWaaah

Such a cute video!!!
PeeS... I was laffin so hard that I furgot to say...

I hope you two will come to the Blogville Picnic and get into all the fun stuffs that will be going on...
Zona said…
BOL!!!! Puddles is going to... well... she'll probably POOP when she sees this!! PAWSOME!


PeeS - I don't think we could ever be sick of Jeep!
Eartha Kitsch said…
Oh mama! He's precious! I love his little hops! And his new decor is fabulous.
Mack said…
What great wallpaper!
Jeep is just about the cutest thing ever!!

TGIF Sugars,
3 doxies said…
Now dis is more like it lady!!!!!
Damn, I looks good as a pin up model. Hmmmm, it needs a chandelier know, to swing from!

I left a comment at 4;30am but don't knows what happened.

Jim said…
Never get tired of Jeep! Geesh, I'd live in his place!
Kari in Alaska said…
Im sure Puddles will love it ;)

I love this, maybe I would like my room to be fixed up like Jeep's.
So snazzy!
That's a magnificent room. WE want one like that now!

Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

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