I Should Have My Head Examined

Okay, so it’s not the smartest or greatest of stories, but here goes…

He’s in there somewhere…

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My next door neighbor sent me a text as I was pulling into the driveway about a lady down the street who “needed my help.”

She had three puppies she needed to dispense with NOW(neither of her dogs is spayed and this was the SECOND litter).  What does Puddles call these kind of people?  Oh that’s right…STOOPID.  Anyway, my neighbor thought I could put them on my blog.

So I walked down the street with her and while walking asked about the pups.  Now you dog experts will have to tell me if this is true or not, but these pups supposedly had two fathers.  Two of the pups were white “terrier/Chihuahua” and Jeep is a “mini-doxie/chihuahua”.  I’m not kidding.  Look! (sorry, low light and cellphone camera…) I saw the mom and dad of Jeep; chihuahua mom, mini-doxie dad…I never could get who the other father was.sisters

I told my neighbor that if the doxie/chi was a boy, I would hate her for the rest of my life.  I knew if he had even an ounce of personality, I was going to take him home.

And I did. *sigh*

So did my mother.  She took one of the girls.

We’re both insane.

And the lady suddenly needed $100 a piece for them.  What were we to do (suckered twice)?

I had to buy a metal kennel, because Minnie really, really wants to play, but doesn’t know “gentle”.  Minnie’s paw is as big as Jeep’s head.  Of course, he’s given Min the “what for”…he’s snapped at her when she’s too close and growled fiercely.  I think he’ll kick her butt soon.

We have a large box in the living room because Jeep likes to play, but can’t with Minnie hovering.  Since I was tired of standing in the bathroom while Jeep romped, my neighbor found a box.  Of course, he hates it.

Trixie is pissed.  Only one cursory sniff has passed between them.  Trixie would make an excellent high school cheerleader; she has the “I hate you instantly” down.

I cannot find any clothes small enough.  I think he can wear a sock if necessary. It’s hard, because when he shakes, you’re not sure if he’s scared or cold.

First night he slept a lot.  Now he’s awake a lot.  And he whines.  And whines.  I’ll never sleep again, I’m sure.  But we are doing the “crate”, if only for Jeep’s safety until he’s big enough to deal with Minnie.

Oh, and did I mention I have had a fever since Friday?

Please contact a mental hospital and check me in, okay?

Suggestions please?  How do you deal with a tiny dog and two large ones?


Eartha Kitsch said…
Okay, first off, I instantly dislike that lady who had the dogs. I wish that she was also offering to let someone adopt the mother dog as one can just tell that it's going to happen again. A hundred bucks - she's a jerk for that.

That said, I'm glad that you and your Mom could get two of those puppies out of there. And Jeep is so cute and tiny! Where did the name Jeep come from?

I know nothing about merging dogs but DO hear that it's not usually as scary and violent as merging cats. I've also heard that cats can get pregnant by more than one male at the same time so maybe it's true for dogs? I'd be interested to know too!

Congratulations on your new little one. Oh yes, you're going to be tired for a bit (a fever for that long? Um...please go to the doctor!) but I know that Jeep will love you forever just like you will him. And wow, you're in the tiny clothes for dogs realm now!

Hey and I bet after Minnie learns how to play with him, it might just keep her out of trouble.

love to you and pups.
Yes! A litter of puppies can have more than one father.

Congratulations! You'll sleep again when the puppy does, Trixie gets over herself (and understands she's still boss-dog), and Jeep earns Minnie's respect.

Until then...enjoy? and thanks for caring!

Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
Stumpy and me
Kari in Alaska said…
Sigh, I hope she uses that money to spay the dogs

First, she wants your help, then she asks for a hundred bucks? That's rich!

I know for a fact that cats ovulate for several days, so if they roam around and mate with different tomcats, you can have a very varied litter. One cat litter I fostered one solid grey long haired, one tabby grey short haired with extra toes (polydactyl), one brown and white long haired tabby and one grey and white short haired tabby!

It could very well be the same for dogs.

Have fun with your new "baby"!
houndstooth said…
Yes, it's possible for there to be two different fathers. That would require an even higher level of ignorance on the part of Ms. Stoopid, letting a female in heat out of her sight. Well, I shan't go there. I'm sure you feel the same way I do. I think a lot of things don't add up there.

How active are Minnie and Trixie? Do they have any kind of obedience training? You could start teaching them manners around Jeep by making them hold a down stay. Eventually, they'll get used to him being around. It might help if they were allowed to have a really good play session out in the yard, then came in and got a small dose of the puppy, after he's had his vaccinations and all.

As far as sleeping goes, Lilac wakes us up at all hours of the night, and she's almost sixteen! I have no help for you there besides ear plugs. I'm betting he'll settle some in a few days.
They are really cute, and I hope that the batteries run down soon so you can get your rest! But I would have probably have done the same thing you did and brought one home. But when you find out how to merge a small dog with big dogs, please post about it. We have a Scottie puppy coming in a couple of weeks and with 8 Goldens I worry about the size scaring the little one.

I hope you're feeling better!!
Sweet Barbara
You and your mom have the biggest hearts in the world!
You have your work cut our for you now,,,
but the best thing of all,, think about all the kissys you will be getting!
I hope you have a sock small enough to fit jeep into!
Jim said…
I'm glad we weren't with you Barbara! The 'crate' thing sounds good for now...until he grows a bit and can 'handle' himself with the others. They'll work it out....I'm sure. You being the ref of course!
Fever eh? My grandmother used to say: "Feed a cold and starve a fever!" Good luck, hope you're feeling better.
Dolores said…
Okay Barbara, I'm thinking/knowing you've totally lost your mind!!! Two large dogs, and now another dog.....wheeeee!!!

I hope you told this crazy lady to use the $200.00 to have her dogs spayed and neutered.

They do look cute, but puppies are so much work. Glad it's you and not me.
happileah said…
aw, you and your mama are so sweet to adopt those puppies! The owner is a meanie pants for asking you to fork over $$$.
The Heartbeats said…
Seriously, how do people find us? I am a sucker too...
Good Luck though! At least Jeep is a cutie!
karen said…
Love you post. But I have no advice except I would not of been able to take them. YOu are a great person. And YOu have your hands full. Good luck.
3 doxies said…
You means to tells me I go away fur a few days and I come back to discover you gots a new baby???? Lady, you done lost your marbels...and dis is totallt sumptin my mum would do...hehehehe!

Yea, I ain't going theres with da whole spay thing. I see it at da neighbors...STOOPID!

Jeep is adorables! I wish I could gives you advice bouts da playing and stuffs but we has no experience cuz we is all small and now dat I is older I is da one dat plays ruff...hehehehe!
Oh and I wish da lady would use da $100 to haves her dog spayed...dat way paying fur da pups wouldn;t be so bad but I doubt her will use da money fur day.

Congrats on da new squirt...he is gonna haves a most fabulous home!

I made the call, the nice men in the white coats will be knocking on your down any minute now ;)

After all that, SHE CHARGED YOU FOR THEM?????

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