Major Progress!

Jeep is now maneuvering the floor all by himself, occasionally getting spooked by a large foot, but running around for the most part.

Minnie was especially calm with him today, resulting in what I think are the sweetest pictures…

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Eartha Kitsch said…
Aww! at pictures #5 and #10!

Jeep and Minnie - best friends forever!
Anonymous said…
Way too cute! Those two look like they've become quite attached to one another :) Makes Mom go Awwwwwwww! ;)

Waggin at ya,
Mack said…
Those pics are awesome! What a cute couple!!
Dolores said…
Oh my, is this the 'stinker' Minnie, who tears things up, and yet she's being so calm and sweet.
I think Jeep thinks Minnie is his mother.
Those are precious pictures!!!
Aaaaaaw, what sweetness! This little guy is making himself quite at home!
Jeep looks so LITTLE...
in comPAWison. hehehe
Golden Samantha said…
Has Minnie ever been a Mom? OMD! She's sooooooo good with Jeep - just LOVED these pix! Jeep is totally adorable!
Sammie, Avalon and Mom
Jan said…
TCFW. Jeep is probably hoping to grow as big as Minnie.
houndstooth said…
They are SO stinking cute together! I tell you, one day those two are going to be plotting against you!
Kari in Alaska said…
he's really making himself at home!

oh my goodness, cute!
Benny & Lily
Jeep is the cutest little baby I ever did see. These photos are precious!
And I think Jeep is sooooo brave.
The Thuglets said…
Soooo..cute. We loved the photos.

Now the problem is we have been missing for a while so now we need to go catch up!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
The Heartbeats said…
Sooooo Cute! I love the look of "innocence" from Jeep in one of the pics!

Mamma heartbeat
Jacki said…
Aw, you have a Minnie-me! :-D The pictures are soooo cute.
fromsophiesview said…
Listen up..Jim's talking....see Sophie could handle a little puppy...see what you've done!

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