Power of the Paw for Jeep

Somehow Jeep found a Sudafed.  He is at the vet now - he's not acting like himself.  Please keep him in your thoughts.


Noodles said…
Oh dog! I hope Jeep will be okay.
Love Noodles
Holly had her teeth cleaned Tuesday and had 6 more removed--she's on two pain meds plus antibiotics. She said to tell Jeep when he comes home that you're not supposed to WILLINGLY eat pills--you're supposed to keep your mouth shut! I told her he's just a puppy and hasn't learned that yet. Holly, Boogie and I strongly urge Jeep to get well soon. When I told Boo the cat what Jeep had done, he just rolled his eyes and muttered, "Dogs. Jeez."
donnam said…
Oh no!!! I will keep Jeep in my prayers today. I hope he will be O.K.
I'm so sorry to read this, please know that we're sending good energy and thoughts in your direction that Jeep will be just fine--Let us know!!
just call me jo said…
We've given dogs Benadryl before as ordered by vet. Maybe the sudafed will not be detrimental. Prayers, of course, Jeep!
Unknown said…
sending over good vibes!
Oh no! Paws are crossed for Jeep!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Dolores said…
So sorry, I'll be praying for little Jeep.
The Heartbeats said…
Paws Crossed!! Get well soon Jeep!

The Heartbeats
Oh, puppy! I'm sure he'll be fine, he looks like a feisty little thing. I agree with Holly, my dog has learned to fight not to take pills. She's on a strict diet, so I can't wrap them up in peanut butter or cheese, so I have to grab a hold of her and shove it down her throat. But Jeep is a baby still.

Please let us know when he feels better.
All paws crossed for Jeep. That is moms worse nightmare
Benny & Lily
Jeep has my hopes for a fast recover - we also have given an allergic dog human meds for them so keeping a good thought that it will be fine.
houndstooth said…
Oh no! Poor little Jeep! Paws crossed tightly here that he'll be okay!

Zona said…
Paws crossed and prayers going up for Jeep! Any news??

Hopeful wags,
Zona and mom
Gosh,, I am so shocked,
moms keep saying OHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOO!
paws are crossed

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