So Far, So Good

Jeep is home from the hospital, full of activated charcoal and fluids. 

He stumbled around like a meth head drunk, puked up some water and charcoal, took a humungous poop and is now sleeping in his kennel.

Hopefully, tonight is the worst of it.  One Sudafed, for his size I’m told, is about a 30 times overdose. 

Keep the Power of the Paw activated please.

UPDATE:  He’s awakened once, ran around the house like a disoriented crackhead, took a big pee and went back to bed.  I fear it will be like this all night.  Poor baby.

UPDATE:  Up again, wandered the house for about a half hour. Much more like his normal self, but in no mood to play…very cranky with Minnie.  About ten minutes ago he walked into the kitchen, climbed on his kitchen bed and while not asleep, he is resting.

Josh said when he got here today it was like Jeep was hallucinating.  Scary.


Zona said…
Thank you for updating us! Power of the paw is in super activation mode here!!!

Try to get some rest tonight!

Zona and Mom
rottrover said…
Oh Jeep!! Be careful, little buddy!! Get some rest, youll be your old self soon. Paws are crossed!!

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby
yuki and rocket said…
oh-no, a pet owners worse nightmare. poor'll be back to normal in no time. our two chihuahuas once ate rat poison, but they were taken in time to the vet and they survived. we're keeping the power of the paw at maximum power!
I'm so glad Jeep is home! One night of craziness is waaaaaaaaay better than the alternative!

Thanks for keeping us posted!

Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
Stumpy and me
I juat found out about Jeep cause Blogger was broken last night.
I am sending the power of the paws, that he gets better fast and you both get some rest.
We are sitting beside you,, holding your paws
houndstooth said…
We are very much thinking about Jeep here tonight! These things are so scary. Hopefully tonight is the worst of it, and tomorrow he'll be a new puppy, or back to the old puppy!
Mack said…
Get better Jeep and stay away from momma's purse!!

Much healing sugars,
We're happy to hear you're home, Jeep. Lots of AireZen is coming your way!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Anonymous said…
Yikes! Poor Jeep :( Paws crossed he's back to feeling himself soon!

Waggin at ya,
Thank you for the update. I couldn't get his little face out of my mind last night.

I think the fact that he's home, pooping and sleeping and walking around (even if he's wobbling like a little junkie) is a very, very good sign. Sweet little munchkin! He has a very good mom!

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