We're Still Here. Exhausted, But Here

And Trixie seems to like him.  Miracles happen.

I have strep throat, but I'm back at work.  Jeep is in the kitchen with his fancy box and Josh the dog walker will check on him today.  I'm very nervous.  It just didn't seem fair to leave him in the crate ALL day, so I put his living room box in the kitchen, put a blanket on the floor, food and water.  We'll see if that works.


Kari in Alaska said…
so glad Trixie likes him!

I'm glad Trixie likes him too--I also hope YOU are feeling better!! Take care and I hope you're able to get some rest!!
Eartha Kitsch said…
Aww! I knew that he and Trixie would be friends! (and probably partners in crime once Jeep is bigger) Let us know how it goes. I know you're ready to run home and take a peek!
Eartha Kitsch said…
p.s. Feel better soon! Gargle with salt water. It's gross but it helps.
Dolores said…
Yea, that Trixie has accepted him. He sure is cute...

Get well soon, and I hope the kitchen works out well for Jeep.
Yep that salt water treatment really does work. Wish I could get a puppy (or a kitten)--they're alot of work but sooo worth it. Get better, you!!!!
Mack said…
He has got such a cute puppy face - Mom is really longing for puppy breath about now!
Eartha is right. Salt water does help.

fromsophiesview said…
Don't be nervous...everything we'll be just fine....if not I'll come and help...seriously!
What a sweet pea! It's nice to see a little in a good home. He's lucky!

Hope you feel better.
houndstooth said…
I am so sorry about the strep! I'd be home under the blankets!

Jeep is just ridiculously cute! I saw the Smilebox of him with Minnie and I think Trixie is in trouble!
My sweetest Barbara
I wish I could make you better.. I so sorry you are sicky.

Jeep is making friends,, I can tell
3 doxies said…
I swear, I can't leaves you fur a minute...now you has strep throat! Good golly!

It is very nervewracking to leaves a small pup but it does get betters, I promise! Mum loves to leave me now:)


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