Wordless Wednesday - The Stuff We Wore

Thanks for the lovely thoughts yesterday.  I'm better today.


Eartha Kitsch said…
I'm glad that you're feeling better today. :) I WISH that I'd worn stuff this cute.
3 doxies said…
Oh Lady, you knows you is wearing dat dress on da left right nows...but in orange.

PS: my dad is gonna write a letter to da landlord and let hers knows what is going on and let hers know Animal Control will be called next. Kitteh cat was in my yard all nite and MADE us bark at hers beginning at 4:30 am.
Dolores said…
Sure glad you're better today!!
Callie Brady said…
Oh, yes... those were the days! I used to wear dresses like this and I used to sew them. Now I wear jeans. Hope you are doing well.
Glad you're feeling better. A little rant and some wine, I mean whine, never hurts!

I'd totally wear either of those if I could fit into them. WHUT?!? Retro is all the rage isn't it?

Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
Stumpy and me
rottrover said…
Glad today is better. But we're glad you let us know the other parts as well...

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby
So glad you're feeling better!

The model on the right was one of Charlie's Angels on the TV show, she came on later. I can't for the life of me remember her name. Does anyone know?

Love the shoes she's wearing.
Ok, had to look it up. Her name is Shelley Hack.
I am soooooo very much glad that you are BETTER!!!

Hey.. my mom says she had a dress like the one on the left.

I didn't know she ever even OWNED a dress. I have never seen her in a dress or skirt... ever!
I knew you would be. You're a cool chick.
Anonymous said…
Too funny! I especially love the useless tags at the bottom...! :)

Elyse and Riley
Wyatt said…
No No, I don't think I ever wore that. Did it come in denim?

Wyatt's Mom
houndstooth said…
I'm glad you're feeling better today!

I'm also glad that I was born after that fashion highlight! lol
yeaaaaaaaa you is better!

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