Fred Astaire's Head Picks a Soda

Hello!  I'm Fred Astaire's Head, taking the RC Cola Challenge!

First, my "idiot grin, shifty glance to the right" head is tasting Cola X.  Mind you, that's not my body, but the studio owns the right to use my head, so there it is.  Imagine being the girl model.  Posing all day with jugs of X, Y and Z while starting at a headless body.  Whew, hard work!!

Now look at my oddly tilted head as I cast my vote for Cola X.  Notice that I changed the part in my hair?  Bet you didn't!  It's too bad that I never actually got the cup to my mouth to taste before I cast my vote, but again, that's the studio publicity department for you!  They're so funny!

And lastly, my "guffah, har de har har" head gets placed with my altered right hand to show you that honest, I drink RC Cola!  I do, really, but only in pictures.

By now you should know that only RC Cola makes me dance like I do...really.  I can't function at all without my head and RC Cola, so the studio says.  Make sure you pick up that plug for my movie and pick up some RC Cola after you go to the theater. 

My head thanks you.


It would be more impressive if his feet were taking the test.

Mogley G. Retriever
Dolores said…
Not the most impressive looking guy at any angle. I've never liked RC or Pepsi, we're a Coke family.
Golden Samantha said…
I like the part about the 6-pack being 25 cents! Poor Fred - those are ghastly photos of him/his head! What kind of an agent would sign Fred's head away hee hee!
Sammie, Avalon and oz
Too funny!! Its been years since I had an RC, and seem to recall that in the south where I'm from, an RC and a Moon-pie was the best thing going!!
laura linger said…
Have never been a fan of Astaire. It has been said that he was a real asshole to Audrey Hepburn during the filming of Funny Face.
houndstooth said…
I'm wondering if there's something extra added in to that cola! :P Nobody should be that happy!
I do think something extra is in that RC.
I think for sure!

How is your momma?
Breezy said…
I remember RC cola.. and Fred Astaire and to be honest I think I liked the RC cola better :)
Eartha Kitsch said…
I know that isn't what they wanted consumers to notice but..I've never noticed the shape of his head before! My goodness...bless him.

I DO love that part of the ad with the spiral bound notepad. But then again, I'm obsessed with faux paper and wood.
His head looks creepy, even when it's not pasted on artificially on someone else's body!

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