Goodbye, Husband

Take a look in the mirror, Gladys.

Your husband has to look at that face EVERY DAY!  For God's sake woman, do something!

You're supposed to be a magnet drawing that man home every night, but've neglected your dry skin and there he is, calling again, saying "I won't be home tonight".


You need the all-in-one facial treatment that is such a new idea - scientists have been working for YEARS to create something that will fix your face.  USE IT.

"Beauty in the Morning" costs less than two cents a day and will change your face almost immediately back to the look he loves.  Super-duper unnamed chemicals that make your face tingle (don't mind that rash) and come alive will transform your marriage!

So chop down that telephone pole, honey - and rope that man back home.  All it takes is a little "Beauty in the Morning", and a really fine lawyer.


24 Paws of Love said…
So what about the fourth woman? It says 3 out of 4 woman are unhappy with their dry skin. Does this mean she is ecstatic that her dry skin, means she can keep that love affair going with the pool guy cause her husband isn't coming home tonight?? :)
Amber Von Felts said…
Why not just take that ax to his legs instead? Then he'll never leave home in the first place! Oh my!
laura linger said…
*laughing* Oh, my GOD. Too much.
houndstooth said…
Ha ha ha! Who knew men could be so fickle? What's a little tingle when you can have that glow that draws your man home, eh?
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Is it any wonder that we female Baby Boomers became fiercely feminist? After being subjected to such chauvinistic BS in advertising while we were growing up, we were ready burn more than bras!
Dolores said…
I need some of that goo on my worn out face..... don't think there's anything strong enough.
Blakeney said…
I was wondering about that forth woman too. Also I'm trying to imagine somebody polling women to ask, "Pardon Madame, does skin dryness make you unhappy?"

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